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The best choice games 2024

Here are the best choice games you can possibly pick from to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms... The choice is yours.

choice games - two characters from Disco Elysium drawn in a painted style

Life is full of choices. Tea or coffee? Left or right? Buy an OLED Switch or wait for the fabled Switch 2? While you’re pondering these, check out the best choice games on Switch and mobile to play right now to practice making big decisions and see where your choices take you in each story.

Perhaps these choices are too much – in which case, let us recommend some other types of games to you. Check out the best fantasy games, some wildlife games, or even farm games on Switch and mobile for a new adventure.

Let’s pick the best choice games on Switch.

choice games Disco Elysium: the Thought Cabinet with plenty of options and text in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium – Switch

Disco Elysium is very popular and revered – for a reason. It’s got a deep story and a fantastic art style, with choice-based gameplay and plenty of skills to build up as you wander the dank streets of Martinaise as Harry Du Bois, a down-and-out detective.

Hefty themes are at play here so fair warning – you may make a choice that leads you down darker paths, or towards a better ending where Mr. Du Bois ends up with accomplices and help down the line.

choice games Man of Medan: an animated man in a bright shirt on a boat

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Switch

The creator of fantastic horror games Until Dawn and Little Hope brings the Man of Medan to Nintendo Switch so that you fans of portable gaming can get a taste of the choice-based action, too.

Though the Switch’s hardware does let the performance down a little bit – as seen in our Man of Medan review – it’s still a good romp following a group of friends on a diving holiday that nosedives into a terrible time. Your choices affect who lives and who perishes through decisions and quick time events.

choice games reigns: a card being swiped to the right on a night time background

Reigns – Switch and mobile

Become the ruler of a kingdom in a medieval setting and make decisions affecting your court from atop your throne. You can even find romance as you decide the fate of your subjects and lands.

Available as a mobile game or on Switch, Reigns is simple to play as it involves swiping cards left or right to make important choices posed to you by different citizens like knights, princesses, and priests.

choice games the Stanley Parable: an office with desks and a computer

The Stanley Parable – Switch

The Stanley Parable is an innovative game taking you on a narrative-driven journey through one man’s – Stanley’s – journey through a game like no other. It’s packed with paradoxes and a snippy narrator who follows your every move and criticizes how you opt to act.

It’s hard to quantify this game, but essentially, your job is to stray from the narrator’s suggested paths and cause havoc as you adventure away from your boring desk job toward different endings and results. Just read our The Stanley Parable review to get a better idea of what the game is, please.

choice games Life is Strange - a boy holding up his hand in a snowy woodland

Life is Strange – Switch and mobile

Most of the Life is Strange titles are available on the Switch – we have a Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay collection review, Life is Strange: True Colors review, and Life Is Strange 2 review for you to check out – and they’re all worth playing.

Each game features a deep and emotional story that unfolds as you make choices that affect the character and their surroundings, leading to different endings and sometimes vastly different stories. The games aren’t connected, either, so you don’t need to play them in order as they all introduce new characters in different parts with their own problems to solve.

choice games Frank and Drake - a journal with choices written in it and some drawings

Frank and Drake – Switch

Frank and Drake takes you on a modernized yet gothic tale, following Frank and Drake – obviously – as they live separate lives while being roommates. One lives during the day, and the other nocturnally and has their own issues to work through, but form a friendship nonetheless.

Though the choices in this game don’t lead to devastatingly different outcomes, they do lead you to discover new things and spend your days and nights doing different activities with both characters. Check out our Frank and Drake review here for a deeper look into the duo.

choice games walking dead: a man fighting off zombies behind a door

Telltale’s The Walking Dead – Switch and mobile

Telltale’s first, second, and final chapters of their Walking Dead series are all available on Switch and are definitely worth playing – even if you’re not a fan of zombies or the TV show. The games take place in the same universe but follow a different story. There are some crossover characters, though.

Follow Lee as he takes young Clementine under his wing and tries to locate her parents while trying to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. The episodes follow their growing group as they fight to survive.

choice games west of loathing: a conversation between two characters in a text box

West of Loathing – Switch

West of Loathing provides an often very silly and enjoyable experience, set in the Wild West, where everything is in a stick-man-based art style. The choices involve picking a skill that sets up what you can do at the start of the game and how you progress.

Later, you can choose to keep items or leave them or help people out (or not and be on your merry way), each of which affects elements of the story. By the way, one of the best choices you can make is to enable silly walks. Trust me.

Two screenshots of the choice game Choices that Matter

Choices That Matter – mobile

This game features a few different stories, each a text-based adventure where your choices, as the title infers, matter. The stories derive from the Choose Your Own Adventure books of old and do a good job of capturing their feel.

Each tale is brimming with choices like choosing whether to pick a lock or find a new way in – talk to an important person, or continue to rendezvous with a friend. You can see roundups of players’ choices every so often, too, to see how you’re faring compared to the masses.

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