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Samsung could launch a cheaper foldable later this year

A new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 rumor suggests that the next Samsung foldable phone could launch alongside a cheaper alternative in 2024.

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Folding phones aren’t the cheapest handsets on the market. Even after around six years of iterations, Samsung’s latest tablet-style foldable, the Z Fold5, starts at $1,800 (£1,749). However, a new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 rumor suggests that might be about to change – with the Korean tech brand considering a cheaper option when it updates the Z Fold series later this year.

According to The Elec (via GSMArena), this is the first time Samsung has ever considered releasing a cheaper foldable phone. While it doesn’t mean that the standard Z Fold6 will be cheaper, there could be a cheaper option, assumedly with a pared-back feature set.

Apparently, the reason a cheaper folding handset is on the cards, and not a cheaper flip phone, is because the current Z Flip series is selling well. It would seem that Samsung wants to replicate this with a lower price point for its larger, more feature-filled cousin. How it achieves this, however, remains to be seen.

It’s obvious why more people would buy a cheaper foldable – it’s a slightly gimmicky market that offers intriguing and exciting devices, yet commands a high bar to entry. While the Z Flip5 sells well, its form factor doesn’t actually offer that many benefits, as we explored in our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 review. Meanwhile, tablet-style foldables seem to have a more obvious use case.

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Either way, a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 would be music to our ears. Just check out our list of the best flip phones and best Samsung phones to see how much we love the brand. Or, if you’re more of an Apple fan, see our guide to all the rumors and speculation surrounding the iPhone 16.