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Samsung’s foldable tablet is on the way, though not soon

It's official: Samsung's foldable tablet is in the works, though for some reason we all missed the confirmation of a new Android device last month.

Samsung foldable tablet header showing a tablet twice on a mango yellow background. On the front, we can see its screen with a red and black abstract background -- just one big slab of screen -- with a second table behind it just poking out to show its black back casing and two cameras.

Sometimes, the tech world is so busy and full of loud moments that things can slip through the cracks. Even so, this is a big one – it turns out Samsung itself has confirmed it’s working on a foldable tablet, and the company did so about a month ago. And somehow we all missed it – perhaps distracted by the latest Samsung phones on offer, not thinking about the possibility of a Samsung foldable tablet.

In an interview with The Independent (looks like The Verge was the first to spot it), T.M. Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, confirmed that the company is working on a foldable table. “Foldables will expand to other categories like the tablet and PC and continue to develop after”, he said, talking about Samsung’s dominance of the best foldable phones and best flip phones on the market. 

“The tablet is a very good product category, one where we can apply the foldable format. Why are Samsung Mobile and I so convinced about the foldable? The reason is very simple. Because it has been part of human history and human nature for so long to read books, or use notebooks,” he continued.

“People open up a book to read and open up a notebook to write something. When they’re not being used, or when on the move and they can be folded shut, which makes them more compact and portable, as well as protecting important information inside. It’s just a natural part of human behaviour.

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“What has been applied to the smartphone will then spread to the tablet and laptops as well. To that end we at Samsung are investing a lot of resources. And once that foundational technology is developed and we believe that the product is ready to provide meaningful innovation to consumers, then, of course, we want to introduce them.”

Believe it or not, we know absolutely nothing about when a Samsung foldable tablet could come to market. Of course, this comes as no surprise, and, until we hear more information, there’s no way of guessing, either. For more beyond all this, check out the best Verizon phone deals and the best 5G phones – Samsung tops those lists too, as always.