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Does the Samsung Z Fold 6 design point to a slimmer, broader future?

A new Galaxy Z Fold 6 design patent reveals a slimmer hinge & broader display, hinting at Samsung's sleek future for foldable phones.

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Samsung Z Fold 6 design speculation is at an all-time high thanks to the lackluster innovations on the flagship foldable design. Samsung isn’t known for reinventing the wheel year-on-year recently, mostly thanks to last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 being near-identical to Z Fold 4. In a new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, also known as USPTO, it looks like we’re getting a much-needed refresh for its 2024 sixth-generation release.

The patent displays a much-needed slimmer hinge and a broader display, bringing the design closer to Google Pixel Fold design aesthetics from last year. The hinge, while smaller and easier on the eye, features a polished design to reduce friction in the center of the Samsung Z Fold 6 design. This also means fewer reasons for the dreaded center fold cracking seen on previous devices, which Samsung repairs with no questions asked within the first two years of ownership (FYI).

There’s always been discourse about the tall and narrow outer display previous foldable phones have donned, but that could be a thing of the past. The Samsung Z Fold 6 design patent sports a shift in design towards a traditional bar phone design, shorter and broader. This was a design decision holding Samsung and its Fold series back. Still, a familiar form factor should resonate with more Android users than the usual “lanky” look.

An annoying design choice for the Samsung Fold series has been the incorporation of the S-Pen. The problem with previous models is a lack of internal storage for the S-Pen, unlike the recent Samsung Galaxy Ultra devices. Though it’s not confirmed, an S-Pen could work its way into the Samsung Z Fold 6 design. Just imagine, no more massive Fold handset cases with an enormous bump for the S-Pen; one can only dream of such perfection.

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The problem with patents is that they need to represent the real McCoy. Many big companies patent technology to protect their interests, with some patents never making the leap to retail products. But this particular Samsung Z Fold 6 design patent looks like Samsung is putting its best foot forward in getting over the drawbacks of foldable. It’s practical with a form factor that isn’t alien to the rest of the industry and provides a massive fold-out screen when needed.

It’s a long wait every year for Samsung to reveal what’s next for their Android devices. Regarding Samsung Z Fold 6 designs, however, it looks like we have a solid idea of where the tech giant is going. It might be different from what Samsung has in store. Still, it indicates that Samsung is listening to the community and dedicated to making foldable handsets the next big thing for Android.

There you have it, all we can glean from the latest Samsung Z Fold 6 design patent. While you’re here, be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review, or see our picks for the best Samsung phones and the best OnePlus phones.