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The new Scarlet Moon Halloween album has us howling for more

Game composers have stumbled from their tombs to bring us Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II, an album packed with scarily good remixes and reimaginings.

Scarlet Moon Halloween: An HD render of Majora's Mask outlined in white and pasted on a scene from Tears of the Kingdom where Zelda looks at a blood moon

Do you ever wish your favorite game soundtracks were a bit spookier? Well, the second Scarlet Moon Halloween album is here to deliver, providing you with six eerie remixes from top-level game composers such as Nami Nakagawa of the Nier series.

Scarlet Moon Productions has been in the videogame music scene for over a decade now, producing original soundtracks for a variety of indie games and making themed remix compilations. Its most famous series is Prescription For Sleep, a collection of releases that takes tracks from games like Stardew Valley, Celeste, and Undertale, and turns them into soothing lullabies.

Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II has a similar aim, except instead of sending you to sleep, they want to keep you up at night. This six-track album features a moody, 16-bit Final Fantasy 16 demake reimagining of “Sixteen Bells” by Frank van ‘t Ende, plus memorable pieces from Secret of Mana and Ragnarok Online. It closes out with an original song from Nami Nakagawa called “Regret”.

Jayson Napolitano, Scarlet Moon’s founder, said, “It’s my favorite time of year once again, and I’m excited to hear what our assembled talent have put together for fans. I absolutely adore the Final Fantasy 16 battle theme, am excited to introduce Nami Nakagawa to our listeners, and am thrilled by the unconventional track selections and style decisions on the album. We hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween month!”

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You can stream and buy Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume II on all major music platforms by following this link.

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