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Silent Hill Ascension has horror fans on the hooks

Silent Hill Ascension is nearly upon us, with this interactive horror manifesting a macabre narrative based on choices from the audience.

Silent Hill Ascension official art showing two womens faces with hands emerging between them

Readers beware, you’re in for a scare in Silent Hill Ascension, an interactive series heralding a new era of Silent Hill horror games. The streaming project comes from Behaviour Interactive and Bad Robot Productions this Halloween.

If you want to get involved, Silent Hill Ascension premieres on October 31, at 21:00 ET/18:00 PT on Android devices and you can pre-install it here. If you want to build yourself up for the scare just beforehand, Greg Miller and the Kinda Funny team are hosting a pre-show featuring some of the series creators 90 minutes before the live premiere.

The interactive element of this series comes from the community making decisions on the fate of the characters involved. Each day of the event there’s a new decision to make, with a full 24 hours for the community to decide. That way, Silent Hill fans from all around the globe can participate before the story plays out.

As some fans of Silent Hill might not be familiar with the innovative interactive format, there’s a YouTube video from the creators you can check out below. It explains how the decision-making process works, as well as what you can expect from the larger story. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers included.

YouTube Thumbnail

However, some fans are upset as this isn’t really a new game, and after nearly a decade of silence on the Hill front, this interactive show isn’t enough to satiate players desperate for more lore and Pyramid Head appearances. Another point of contention is the premiere time, as it lines up to 01:00 here in the UK. I, for one, probably won’t be staying up just for this.

Though the premiere takes place on mobile, Sony struck a deal to get weekly episodes on PlayStation consoles, Bravia Core TVs, and Xperia smartphones, giving a specific audience a weekly episode using the decisions made with the audience’s influence. Whether this becomes more widely available is yet to be seen.

So, will you be watching? If not, here are some great choice games to flex your talent in, or you can try some Roblox horror games out too.