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Sky: Children of the Light’s Days of Rainbow event returns

Pick up exclusive items and take part in daily quests

characters jumping in the air with two rainbows in the background

Days of Rainbow has returned to Sky: Children of the Light, and the event is set to run from June 14 to June 27. This is a celebration of diversity and hope, and you can expect to see an array of in-game goodies up for grabs, as well as two new charity partners.

As detailed in a blog post, you can look forward to new themed cosmetic items, as well as daily quests, spells, and a celebration for whichever colour you shine with. Each day, the daily rainbow will change location, so you can seek it out to unlock a new cape, braid accessory, and Coloured Trail spells.

Oh, and there are also two new items that are available to purchase as part of Days of Rainbow. You can buy the Rainbow Flower and Rainbow Hat, and there is also a Rainbow Pack that includes the flower and 75 candles. All the proceeds from each pack sold will go to this year’s new charity partners, who will be revealed when the event draws to a close. You can pick up the charity bundle for $19.99/£19.99.

In our Sky: Children of the Light review, we found that it “somehow manages to rise above all but a few mobile indies, and there are a number of reasons for that.” If you like endless runners, MMOs, and puzzles, you will likely enjoy this beautiful game.

If you are yet to try Sky, you can download it now on both iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you could wait for Sky: Children of the Light’s Switch release date to land later this month.