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Skyrim Creation Club on Switch

Unfortunately, the full Skyrim Creation Club isn't available on Switch, but you can grab some new content with the Anniversary Edition.

Two characters wearing Skyrim Creation Club armour

While the full Skyrim Creation Club still isn’t in the Switch version of the game, you can still pick up a collection of Creation Club mods if you own the Anniversary Edition. Yes, it’s confusing, but we’ve got all the details below.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Skyrim Creation Club on Switch:

What is the Skyrim Creation Club?

The Skyrim Creation Club is an in-game store in some versions of the game with a microtransactional virtual currency called Creation Club Credits, which you can use to purchase unique add-ons for your game. As the official alternate to modding, each creation on offer is classed as official Bethesda content, developed with third-party developers and contracted mod authors.

While you can access the Skyrim Creation Club content on the Switch version of the Anniversary Edition, we have to be clear that you can’t access the Creation Club itself. We’re not sure why it works like that, but either way, if you still want that extra content, check out the next section for how to access it.

A character wearing Skyrim Creation Club armour

Is the Skyrim Creation Club on Switch?

Sadly, the Skyrim Creation Club itself is not available on Switch. However, if you own the Anniversary Edition, you can find a selection of items from the Skyrim Creation Club.

Here’s how to access Skyrim Creation Club content on Switch:

  • Pause the game
  • Select the ‘system’ option in the menu
  • Hit ‘installed content’
  • See what Skyrim Creation Club content is on offer

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