Skyrim Creation Club on Switch

Expand your adventure with Skyrim Creation Club on Switch, offering a variety of exciting new dungeons, quests, armour, followers, houses, and more

A character wearing Skyrim Creation Club armour

Skyrim mods add so much to the already expansive, immersive world of the game, but, unfortunately, despite having kept the community thriving for years on PC, mods aren’t all that accessible on other platforms. Luckily, the Switch Skyrim Creation Club is now available through the Anniversary Edition of the game, allowing you to access or purchase some great add-on content to keep your days as the Dragonborn interesting.

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What is the Skyrim Creation Club?

Skyrim Creation Club is an in-game store with a microtransactional virtual currency called Creation Club Credits, which you can use to purchase unique add-ons for your game. As the official alternate to modding, each creation on offer is classed as official Bethesda content, developed with third-party developers and contracted mod authors.

Naturally, you don’t get quite as many wild and wacky options as you would using a site like Nexus mods on PC (so no flying Thomas the Tank Engine dragons, sorry), but it’s easy to access, and a good option for further expanding your grand adventure.

Two characters wearing Skyrim Creation Club armour

How do I get the Skyrim Creation Club on Switch?

You can access the Skyrim Creation Club by purchasing or upgrading your base game to the Anniversary Edition. Upgrading to this version also grants you free access to four free creations – fishing, rare curios, survival mode, and saints & seducers – in addition to several other discounted creations and even some that you can snag for free on a permanent or temporary basis, such as the highly desirable Dwarven Armored Mudcrab.

How much do Skyrim Creation Club credits cost?

You can purchase Skyrim Creation Club credits for the following prices.

  • 750 credits – $7.99/£5.99
  • 1,500 credits – $14.99/£10.99
  • 3,000 credits – $24.99/£18.99
  • 5,500 credits – $39.99/$29.99

A Skyrim Creation Club house

What type of items can I get through the Skyrim Creation Club on Switch?

The Skyrim Creation Club on Switch offers a wide range of content, from quality-of-life changes, to new challenges, homesteads, weapons, and even fresh dungeons to explore. There are also several bundles on offer, which grant you access to a selection of goods or upgrades at a discounted price, such as the Mad God Bundle, which comes with a dungeon, five artifacts, new weapons and armour, recruitable pets, and more, for 350 credits less than it would cost to purchase each of the creations individually.

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