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The Skyrim potion recipe book

Our Skyrim potion recipes guide helps you find every ingredient for every lotion and potion to keep you fully stocked in Bethesda’s expansive open-world RPG.

Skyrim potion recipes: a shadowy skyrim character wielding two swords and weaing a horned helmet stands superimposed on a snowy blurred background. Alongside them are PNGs of red, green, and blue vials for potions.

Skyrim potion recipes are a little hard to discover – you have to test out different ingredient combinations and hope that they work out, so it involves a fair bit of trial and error. But you can actually learn the effects of the different ingredients if you know where to find the info. If, however, the random concoction you’ve created doesn’t work, you lose these ingredients and gain nothing. Luckily for you, we’re here with our Skyrim potion recipe book, so you can make all the lotions and potions and tinctures you need without wasting any precious materials.

Alchemy is an available skill tree in Skyrim and very valuable for the likes of stealth-based builds, particularly if paired with pickpocket perks (say that five times fast). Alchemy can be slow to master, however, and so this list should give you a head start. Once you’ve memorized all the different Skyrim potion and poison recipes, we’ve got plenty of guides to help you out, such as our Skyrim marriage instruction manual, useful if your love potion doesn’t quite have the desired effect, plus we have a guide on how to cure vampirism or Skyrim werewolf cures in case you’ve got an unwanted touch of the supernatural.

Here we have it then, all the Skyrim potion recipes you need. Oh, and poisons too!

Skyrim potion recipes: a blonde woman stands in a shop in the foreground with another sweeping in the background behind a wooden counter in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim potion recipes

Here are a load of Skyrim potion recipes. Note: these are just ingredients that can be used to make these potions, they do not all need to be used at the same time to make your desired brew.

Potion Ingredients
Cure Disease Charred skeever hide, Felsaad tern feathers, garlic, hawk feathers, juvenile mudcrab, mudcrab chitin, spadefish, vampire dust
Fortify Alteration Burnt spriggan wood, grass pod, lyretail anthias, river betty, spriggan sap
Fortify Barter  Butterfly wing, dragon’s tongue, glassfish, hagraven claw, tundra cotton
Fortify Block Aster bloom core, bleeding crown, boar tusk, briar heart, honeycomb, pearl, slaughterfish scales, tundra cotton
Fortify Carry Weight Creep cluster, giant’s toe, hawk beak, juvenile mudcrab, lyretail anthias, netch jelly, poison bloom, river betty, scaly pholiota, trama root, wisp wrappings
Fortify Conjuration Ancestor moth wing, Berit’s ashes, blue butterfly wing, blue mountain flower, bone meal, chaurus hunter antennae, frost salts, hagraven feathers, lavender, lyretail anthias
Fortify Destruction Ash creep cluster, beehive husk, ectoplasm, glow dust, glowing mushroom, nightshade, wisp wrappings
Fortify Enchanting Ancestor moth wing, blue butterfly wing, chaurus hunter antennae, hagraven claw, snowberries, spawn ash, spriggan sap, stoneflower petals
Fortify Health Ambrosia, bear claws, blue mountain flower, boar tusk, giant’s toe, glowing mushroom, hanging moss, wheat, yellow mountain flower
Fortify Heavy Armor Bog beacon, goldfish, ice wraith teeth, sabre cat tooth, slaughterfish scales, thistle branch, white cap
Fortify Illusion Dragon’s tongue, dwarven oil, glassfish, mora tapinella, scaly pholiota, taproot
Fortify Light Armor Ash hopper jelly, aster bloom core, beehive husk, Felsaad tern feathers, hawk feathers, honeycomb, luna moth wing, skeever tail
Fortify Lockpicking Ashen grass pod, Falmer ear, namira’s rot, pine thrush egg, spadefish, spider egg
Fortify Magicka Blister pod cap, briar heart, ectoplasm, emperor parasol moss, fine-cut void salts, histcarp, jazbay grapes, red mountain flower, salmon roe, stoneflower petals, tundra cotton, void salts
Fortify Marksman Angelfish, canis root, elves ear, juniper berries, spider egg
Fortify One-Handed  Bear claws, canis root, hanging moss, hawk feathers, pearlfish, rock warbler egg, small pearl, stoneflower petals
Fortify Pickpocket Blue dartwing, nordic barnacle, orange dartwing, slaughterfish egg, spadefish
Fortify Restoration Abecean longfin, cyrodilic spadetail, pygmy sunfish, salt pile, small antlers, yellow mountain flower
Fortify Smithing Blisterwort, glowing mushroom, pearlfish, sabre cat tooth, spriggan sap
Fortify Sneak Abecean longfin, ashen grass pod, beehive husk, frost mirriam, hawk feathers, human flesh, powdered mammoth tusk, purple mountain flower
Fortify Stamina Boar tusk, chaurus eggs, garlic, large antlers, lavender, slaughterfish egg, torchbug thorax
Fortify Two-Handed Angler larvae, dragon’s tongue, emperor parasol moss, fly amanita, juvenile mudcrab, troll fat
Invisibility Ash creep cluster, bittergreen petals, blister pod cap, chaurus eggs, crimson nirnroot, glassfish, ice wraith teeth, luna moth wing, nirnroot, vampire dust
Regenerate Health Alocasia fruit, ambrosia, angelfish, emperor parasol moss, garlic, gleamblossom, juniper berries, luna moth wing, namira’s rot, nordic barnacle, vampire dust
Regenerate Magicka Dwarven oil, fire salts, garlic, jazbay grapes, moon sugar, salmon roe, salt pile, taproot
Regenerate Stamina Alocasia fruit, angler larvae, bee, fly amanita, juvenile mudcrab, mora tapinella, scaly pholiota
Resist Fire Angelfish, ash creep cluster, ashen grass pod, Berit’s ashes, bone meal, dragon’s tongue, elves ear, fire salts, fly amanita, mudcrab chitin, snowberries, spawn ash
Resist Frost Frost mirriam, frost salts, goldfish, hawk beak, moon sugar, pearlfish, purple mountain flower, silverside perch, slaughterfish scales, small pearl, snowberries, thistle branch
Resist Magic Aster bloom core, bleeding crown, bungler’s bane, chicken egg, crimson nirnroot, Felsaad tern feathers, fine-cut void salts, gleamblossom, hagraven claw, hawk egg, lavender, nirnroot, tundra cotton, void salts, wisp wrappings
Resist Poison Beehive husk, charred skeever hide, Falmer ear, garlic, grass pod, mudcrab chitin, slaughterfish egg, thistle branch, troll fat, yellow mountain flower
Resist Shock Ash hopper jelly, blue dartwing, glow dust, glowing mushroom, hawk beak, pearl, pine thrush egg, snowberries, swamp fungal pod
Restore Health Ambrosia, ash hopper jelly, blisterwort, blue dartwing, blue mountain flower, butterfly wing, charred skeever hide, Daedra heart, Felsaad tern feathers, imp stool, rock warbler egg, sabre cat eye, spadefish, swamp fungal pod, wheat
Restore Magicka Blister pod cap, bog beacon, briar heart, creep cluster, dwarven oil, ectoplasm, elves ear, fire salts, frost salts, giant lichen, glassfish, grass pod, human flesh, lyretail anthias, moon sugar, mora tapinella, pearl, red mountain flower, taproot, vampire dust, white cap
Restore Stamina Bear claws, bee, charred skeever hide, goldfish, hawk beak, histcarp, honeycomb, large antlers, mudcrab chitin, netch jelly, orange dartwing, pearl, pearlfish, pine thrush egg, powdered mammoth tusk, purple mountain flower, pygmy sunfish, sabre cat eye, sabre cat tooth, salmon roe, silverside perch, small pearl, torchbug thorax, wisp wrappings
Waterbreathing Angelfish, angler larvae, chicken egg, goldfish, hawk egg, histcarp, nordic barnacle, salmon roes

Skyrim potion recipes: a dragon breathes fire on a shield bearing warrior in Skyrim.

Skyrim poison recipes

Here are a bunch of Skyrim poison recipes. Note: this is just a list of ingredients that can be used to make the poison, you do not need all of them to make your deadly concoction.

Poison Ingredients
Damage Health Crimson nirnroot, deathbell, ectoplasm, emperor parasol moss, Falmer ear, fine-cut void salts, human flesh, human heart, imp stool, jarrin root, nightshade, nirnroot, poison bloom, red mountain flower, river betty, skeever tail, small antlers, troll fat, void salts
Damage Magicka Bittergreen petals, butterfly wing, chaurus eggs, Daedra heart, glow dust, hagraven feathers, hanging moss, human heart, jarrin root, luna moth wing, namira’s rot, nordic barnacle, sabre cat eye, trama root
Damage Magicka Regen Ancestor moth wing, bear claws, blue butterfly wing, blue mountain flower, burnt spriggan wood, chaurus hunter antennae, chicken egg, glow dust, hanging moss, hark egg, human heart, jarrin root, nightshade, pygmy sunfish, spider egg, spriggan sap
Damage Stamina Ancestor moth wing, ash creep cluster, berit’s ashes, blisterwort, blue butterfly wing, bog beacon, bone meal, canis root, chaurus hunter antennae, crimson nirnroot, cyrodilic spadetail, giant’s toe, jarrin root, nirnroot, rock warbler egg, spider egg
Damage Stamina Regen Bungler’s bane, creep cluster, Daedra heart, frost mirriam, giant’s toe, histcarp, juniper berries, large antlers, silverside perch, skeever tail, wheat, yellow mountain flower
Fear Blue dartwing, bog beacon, cyrodilic spadetail, Daedra heart, gleamblossom, namira’s rot, netch jelly, poison bloom, powdered mammoth tusk
Frenzy Blisterwort, boar tusk, Falmer ear, fly amanita, hagraven feathers, human heart, troll fat
Lingering Damage Health Angler larvae, imp stool, mora tapinella, orange dartwing, scathecraw, slaughterfish egg, slaughterfish scales
Lingering Damage Magicka Hagraven claw, purple mountain flower, pygmy sunfish, swamp fungal pod, torchbug thorax, wheat
Lingering Damage Stamina Bittergreen petals, butterfly wing, chicken egg, hawk egg, nightshade, small antlers
Paralysis Aster bloom core, briar heart, canis root, gleamblossom, human flesh, imp stool, netch jelly, swamp fungal pod
Ravage Health Cyrodilic spadetail, giant lichen, jazbay grapes, sabre cat eye, scathecraw, silverside perch, skeever tail
Ravage Magicka Alocasia fruit, frost mirriam, grass pod, lavender, orange dartwing, red mountain flower, scathecraw, spawn ash, white cap
Ravage Stamina Bee, Berit’s ashes, bone meal, bungler’s bane, deathbell, honeycomb, scathecraw, spawn as, thistle branch
Slow Bungler’s bane, burnt spriggan wood, deathbell, large antlers, poison bloom, river betty, salt pile, trama root
Weakness to Fire Bleeding crown, burnt spriggan wood, frost salts, ice wraith teeth, juniper berries, moon sugar, powdered mammoth tusk
Weakness to Frost Abecean longfin, ash hopper jelly, elves ear, fire salts, ice wraith teeth, white cap
Weakness to Magic Creep cluster, dwarven oil, jazbay grapes, rock warbler egg, salt pile, scaly pholiota, taproot, torchbug thorax
Weakness to Poison Abecean longfin, bleeding crown, chaurus eggs, deathbell, giant lichen, pine thrush egg, sabre cat tooth, small antlers
Weakness to Shock Ashen grass pod, bee, fine-cut void salts, giant lichen, hagraven feathers, stoneflower petals, trama root, void salts

That’s all the Skyrim potion recipes for now. We’ve got a handy Skyrim houses guide, so you can build somewhere to store all those potions, and if you’re eyeing up some of Tamriel’s lovely ladies, we have guides for both Skyrim Lydia and Skyrim Serana. Or, if you’re still whipping up a feast, we have plenty of other recipe guides, including a Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe list.