​Skyrim followers guide

Skyrim followers are a useful addition to the party, as well as a nice companion for your adventure through Bethesda’s massive open-world role-playing game

Three Skyrim followers cutout and superimposed on a blurred background of trees and a path in Skyrim. On the left is a well armoured orc with a mohawk-type hair and grisly eyes. On the right is a blonde man with a grey/green tunic and fancy facial hair. In the middle is a vampire with tight-to-the-head medium length hair, a long cape, and red sleeved clothing.

Skyrim followers can range from crucial story characters to forgettable brutes with strong fists, but that doesn’t make them any less important. You can try to meet them all, marry some, or just pick up one for the duration of your playthrough.

That’s why we’ve got this Skyrim companions list – so you can make your decision before you set off on your lengthy adventure through the mountains and snow of Bethesda’s RPG. Looking for one you can marry? We recommend heading to our Skyrim marriage guide. If you’re not in it for love, head below and take your pick.

Skyrim followers

Here we go then, all the details you need about Skyrim companions. From their abilities to their death, we’ve got you covered. For anything else, check out our Skyrim enchanting, Skyrim Lydia, and Skyrim Serana guides.

Skyrim followers: a blonde woman stands in a shop in the foreground with another sweeping in the background behind a wooden counter in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim followers death

Most Skyrim companions can die when not following you, other than the essential ones as noted below. If a battle starts in an area with one of these followers not actively attached to you, be careful.

Once companions are following you, they cannot die easily. When an enemy gets their health low, the companion is incapacitated. In this state, they can still die, but the enemy will stop targeting them. Once incapacitated, you need to move the fight away from them to avoid one of the enemies striking them again even though they aren’t targeting them.

You can, however, kill your follower by your own hand. This means you too need to be careful where you’re swinging. The number of times I personally have killed a follower while playing a ranged build is more than I’m happy to admit. If you’re super worried about this, just be sure to save often.

Skyrim followers: A dragon flues in a wintry sky above a large mountain pass on which a horned-helmeted soldier stands in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim follower disappeared

If you find your Skyrim companion missing, there are a few things you can try to fix it:

  • Find a new follower, ask them to join you, and then go back to where the original follower lives to find them
  • Fast travel to your last destination
  • Sleep in a bed
  • Restart the game

In general, the first of these options has always worked for me in my more-than-a-decade of playing this game on a way-too-regular basis, but there are other solutions if you need them.

Skyrim followers: three skeletons stood in ragged armour wielding makeshift weapons in a stony dungeon in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim followers equipment

You can trade items with your follower freely by speaking to them. If you want to give them better equipment, just ask them to carry it. You can’t force them to use it, but most of the time, Skyrim companions use what’s best.

You can also use them as a mule, as it were (“I am sworn to carry your burdens”, as Lydia dryly states). Give them all your heavy dragon bones and whatnot and you’re good to keep walking at full speed.

Skyrim followers: a dragon breathes fire on a shield bearing warrior in Skyrim.

Skyrim followers list

Below, you can find a list of all the Skyrim companions, where to find them, and how to get them as a follower. There are almost one hundred followers, so strap in – this is a long one.

Some of the required quests below involve decisions. It should go without saying, but don’t make a decision that goes against the Skyrim follower you want to join you. For example, you can’t have Cicero as a follower if you kill him in the quest The Cure for Madness, obviously. Use your head, kids.

Follower Location Requirements
Adelaisa Vendicci Solitude Rise in the East
Aela the Huntress Whiterun Companions questline
Agmaer Fort Dawnguard Prophet
Ahtar Solitude Kill the Bandit Leader
Annekke Crag-Jumper Darkwater Crossing Kill the Bandit Leader
Arachnia (creation club) Cronvangr Cave Pets of Skyrim
Aranea Ienith Shrine of Azura The Black Star
Argis the Bulwark Markarth Thane of the Reach
Armored Frost Troll Fort Dawnguard Purchase from Gunmar
Armored Troll Fort Dawnguard Purchase from Gunmar
Athis Whiterun Companions questline
Beleval Fort Dawnguard Prophet
Belrand Solitude Hire for 500 gold
Benor Morthal Fight! Fight!
Bone Wolf (creation club) Folgunthur Let Sleeping Wolves Lie
Borgakh the Steel Heart Mor Khazgur Speechcraft check
Bran Fort Dawnguard A New Order
Brelyna Maryon College of Winterhold Brelyna’s Practice
Calder Windhelm Thane of Eastmarch
Celann Fort Dawnguard Prophet
Cicero Dawnstar Sanctuary Hail Sithis!
Cosnach Markarth Buy a Drink/Fight! Fight!
Cusith Volkihar Join Volkihar vampires
Dark Brotherhood Initiate (female) Dawnstar Sanctuary Dark Brotherhood questline
Dark Brotherhood Initiate (male) Dawnstar Sanctuary Dark Brotherhood questline
Demented Elytra Numph (creation club) Seducers bandit camp Balance of Power
Derkeethus Darkwater Pass Extracting an Argonian
Durak Fort Dawnguard Prophet
Dwarven Armored Mudcrab (creation club) Markarth My Pet Mudcrab
Eola Markarth The Taste of Death
Erandur Dawnstar Waking Nightmare
Erik the Slayer Rorikstead Erik the Slayer
Faendal A Lovely Letter Riverwood
Farkas Whiterun Companions questline
Frea Skaal Village The Fate of Skaal
Garmr Volkihar Join Volkihar vampires
Ghorbash the Iron Hand Dushnikh Yal Speechcraft check
Golldir Hillgrund’s Tomb Ancestral Worship
Gregor Dawnstar Thane of the Pale
Hand Ethra Mavandas (creation club) Ashfall’s Tear Ghosts of the Tribunal/Ashen Heart
Hand Kydren Indobar (creation club) Ashfall’s Tear Ghosts of the Tribunal/Ashen Heart
Hilda (creation club) Rorikstead Pets of Skyrim
Illia Darklight Tower Repentance
Ingjard Fort Dawnguard Prophet
Jenassa Whiterun Hire for 500 gold
Jordis the Sword-Maiden Solitude Thane of Haafingar
J’zargo College of Winterhold J’zargo’s Experiment
Khario Dawnstar/Riften Amulet of the Moon
Lob Largashbur The Cursed Tribe
Lona Riften Thane of the Rift
Lydia Whiterun Dragon Rising
Manic Elytra Nymph (creation club) Saints bandit camp Balance of Power
Marcurio Riften Hire for 500 gold
Meeko Meeko’s Shack Talk to him
Mjoll the Lioness Riften Grimsever’s Return
Njada Stonearm Whiterun Companions questline
Nix-Hound (creation club) Revus Sarvani’s camp/The Retching Netch My Pet Nix-Hound
Ogol Largashbur The Cursed Tribe
Onmund College of Winterhold Onmund’s Request
Ralis Sedarys Kolbjorn Barrow Unearthed
Rayya Falkreath Thane of Falkreath
Ria Whiterun Companions questline
Riekling Warrior Thirsk Mead Hall The Chief of Thirsk Hall
Roggi Knot-Beard Kynesgrove Dungeon Delving (Caves)
Rulnik Wind-Strider (creation club) Whiterun A Dying Wish
Sceolang Fort Dawnguard A New Order
Serana Awakening Dimhollow Cavern
Skritch (creation club) Riften Pets of Skyrim
Steadfast Dwarven Sphere Kagrumez The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Steadfast Dwarven Spider Kagrumez The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Stenvar Windhelm Hire for 500 gold
Stray Dog Random encounter Talk to it
Sven Riverwood A Lovely Letter
Sweet Bol (creation club) Half-Moon Mill Pets of Skyrim
Talvas Fathryon Tel Mithryn From the Ashes
Teldryn Sero Raven Rock Hire for 500 gold
Thistle (creation club) Alchemist’s Shack Pets of Skyrim
Torvar Whiterun Companions questline
Ugor Largashbur The Cursed Tribe
Uthgerd the Unbroken Whiterun Fight! Fight!
Valdimar Morthal Thane of Hjaalmarch
Vesparth the Toe (creation club) Tribunal Temple Ghosts of the Tribunal
Vigilance Markarth stables Hire for 500 gold
Vilkas Whiterun Companions questline
Vorstag Markarth Hire for 500 gold
Watchman Sindra (creation club) Tribunal Temple Ghosts of the Tribunal

There you have it, all the Skyrim companions or Skyrim followers or whatever you want to call them. We’ve got more, too, with Skyrim maps, Skyrim cure vampirism, and Skyrim creation club guides.