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Sneaker Art! guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get all the best shoe creation tips with our Sneaker Art! guide

A finalised shoe in Sneaker Art!

Are you looking for a Sneaker Art! guide? This decorative title is currently second on Apple App Store’s simulation games list, so chances are you might have seen it. If you’re curious to see what the buzz is about, read on for some more information.

At its core, Sneaker Art! takes the pure joy of colouring in and decorating shoes and adds more game mechanics around it. Once you’ve customised the colour-way of your shoe, you can put it on the shelf of your shop. Once it’s there, curious onlookers may want to purchase them. The better shoe you create, the higher it’ll go for. So, this game is as much about decorating shoes as it is trying to sell them.

While a talent for art can’t be taught, we can still give you some tips on being more business savvy – more money means more sneaker decorating, basically. Over this Sneaker Art! guide we’ll go over how to play the game, alongside some tips and tricks. That way, you’ll be ready to run a successful shoe business when you start the simulation game up.

here’s everything in our sneaker! art guide:

sneaker art! game: How to play Sneaker Art!

For anyone wondering how to play Sneaker Art! the process is actually pretty simple. Sneaker Art! is all about designing and customising shoes – creating sneaker art, if you will. You can either follow a given design or make your own with whatever colours you fancy. Once you’re done, you can pick from a selection of laces to put the cherry on top of the cake.

Once you’re done, you pick up your shoes and put them in a box. You can sell them for a profit to fund customisation of more shoes -the better your design, the more money you get.

Sneaker Art! Tips, tricks, and cheats

Whether you’re a new player trying out Sneaker Art! for the first time, or a returning pro, we’ve pulled together some Sneaker Art tips, tricks, and cheats to help you out:

  • Recreate designs to earn money quicker: When you’re decorating shoes, you can either follow a design brief or make your own colour-scheme. When you’re starting, it’s easier to follow the examples given as it’s quicker and gives you a higher chance to earn more money.
  • Be wary of bugs: While this simulation game has swiftly become popular with players, there have been numerous reports of crashes and bugs, such as shoes falling through boxes. These will likely be ironed out, but it’s worth keeping in mind that these exist.

And there you have it, a Sneaker Art! guide with some starter tips. If you’re looking for more games, we also have a Money Buster! guide and a Stack Colors! guide. If you’re looking for more timeless games, we also update a guide on the best iOS and Android games that you can play right now.