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Rebellion to release Sniper Elite 4 on Apple devices this year

Sniper Elite 4 is coming to Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, but there’s a catch, the device needs an M1 chip or later to run.

Sniper Elite 4 Apple release screenshot showing the sniper firing his rifle in front of a cliff side

News of a Sniper Elite 4 Apple release fills me with joy. Tactical shooters most definitely have a home on mobile. Sniper Elite’s approach to combat is a nice mix of Hitman and Call of Duty, encouraging a stealthy approach but offering an abundance of weapons for soldiers who prefer to be in the thick of it, so it’s sure to be a hit for players who have yet to play Rebellion’s 2017 game.

Though it’s not the most recent entry in the franchise – that honor goes to Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior – it remains one of the most popular Sniper Elite games to date, boasting more than 30 million players across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. That number is bound to increase with its release on iOS devices, though you do need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac that has an M1 chip or later to run the game.

Like other games in the series, Sniper Elite 4 takes place during World War II, and you find yourself in Italy, fighting the good fight in 1943. The Resistance is trying to fight back against the Nazis, and luckily for them, they have you, a highly skilled sniper who’s no stranger to combat and warfare. Those who are familiar with war games know what you have to do.

Each level features a sprawling map full of objectives and side quests. You can approach the main mission however you wish, so long as you get the job done. Personally, I’m an all-guns-blazing kind of girl; any time I try to be sneaky, I miss my shop and alert the guards, so they may as well see me running as I unleash a hail of bullets.

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We don’t know the Sniper Elite 4 mobile release date yet, but it’s coming to Apple devices this holiday season, which presumably means we can expect it to arrive in November or December this year. If you need something to keep you busy, our best mobile shooters list can help you to keep your skills sharp.