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The Solarpunk release date is on the horizon and we can’t wait

News of the Solarpunk release date has got fans of survival crafting games (including us) buzzing to use the power of science to become one with nature.

Solarpunk release date: The pre-alpha player character outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot

Developer Cyberwave and publisher Rokaplay have announced a tentative Solarpunk release date following the launch of the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Raft, this cozy survival crafting game is filled with hope and joy.

If you recognize the name Solarpunk, that’s because it’s also the name of a literary and artistic movement focused on the interconnectedness of nature with human society. This game follows the same themes, placing you on a series of technologically-advanced floating islands and asking you to use sustainable technology to craft a self-sufficient ecosystem.

You can experience this futuristic survival scenario alone or with friends in co-op, building yourself the perfect home in the sky complete with home-grown food and energy generated from the sun, wind, and water. Plus you’re not limited to just one sky island – you can build your own airship to travel to neighboring islands to find new resources and further your little community.

Co-founder and programmer at Cyberwave Patrick de Rijk said, “Solarpunk dreams about an optimistic future, where we can use renewable energy and build a home in a world of floating islands. Players have to be innovative and creative to build the home they would want in a bright future.”

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When is the Solarpunk release date?

Solarpunk is currently in pre-alpha, with early access expected to open in late 2023. The developer is aiming for a full launch in late 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles. We’ll update this page as soon as we have more detailed information.

If Solarpunk looks like your perfect game, you can support its development via the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Donating over €25 (around $27 USD/£21 GBP) gets you a game key on release, and there are loads more perks for higher donations. You can also wishlist Solarpunk on Steam to show your support.

That’s everything you need to know about the Solarpunk release date. There are loads more exciting game announcements coming this week as part of Summer Games Fest 2023, so make sure to check out the schedule to stay up to date. You can also check out our Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf guide to get acquainted with the newest addition to Hoyoverse’s space-faring RPG.