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7-Eleven offers tons of tasty Splatoon 3 merch ahead of Sweets Fest

An appetizing new collection of merchandise hits Japanese 7-Eleven stores to celebrate the Sweets Fest coming up in the game.

Pieces of Splatoon 3 Splatfest merch over key art for the event

Japanese branches of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain have a new collection of Splatoon 3 merchandise to celebrate the Sweets Fest. It’s mouth-wateringly good, and anyone can grab the items on offer by simply buying a couple of tasty snacks at the store.

I’m gonna start by saying I am incredibly jealous and I want literally all of this merchandise. The three themed t-shirts representing the Splatfests’s teams are suitably delectable, featuring an anko mochi, a cream cake, and a custard bun as per the flavors you can choose to fight for.

You may notice that the Splatoon 3 Splatfest we’re getting over in Europe and the US is a bit different. Sadly, the theme we get is ‘What is the best day of the weekend’, and it comes with no merchandise or special promotions.

What’s so good about this merchandise, I hear you ask? Well, for a start, there’s a piggy bank shaped like Mr Grizz’s radio in the Salmon Run building, there’s a hoodie designed to look like Big Man – the best member of Deep Cut – you can get a Lil Buddy plush keychain, themed t-shirts, customizable nametag keychains, lanyards, and rubber keychains shaped like brand logos and weapons found in the game. I could go on but I’m getting sad looking at all the stuff I can’t have.

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You can order the official themed t-shirts from the Japanese My Nintendo store if you like, but it appears that most of the really cool merchandise is only available through a lottery system. Each purchase of two sweets from 7-Eleven provides you with a serial number, which you can then redeem online. This then shows you which prizes you may have won. Alas, we can’t just go and grab the Big Man hoodie.

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