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How to get Splatoon Halloween gear

Here’s how to get all the Splatoon Halloween gear now that the Splatoween season is finally back in action, bringing spookiness to Splatsville.

Splatoon halloween gear: an inkling wearing a pirate hat in a busy city

Everyone wants to look their best, especially inklings and octolings during the spooky season. In this guide, we explain how to get Splatoon Halloween gear and what each item is. Will you be a pirate? A mummy? There are a few options for you to pick from for your costume this year.

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How do I get the Splatoon Halloween gear?

Getting your hands on these Halloween goodies in Splatoon 3 is super easy – simply follow these steps:

  • Head to the news tab on your switch and find a Splatoon article titled “Free download for Splatoween!”
  • Scroll down the page to the link and click it to open the Splatoon 3
  • Head to the terminal in the game’s lobby, right by the stairs
  • Click the ‘Get Stuff’ option

Your new clothing is automatically added to your wardrobe after doing this.

All the available Splatoon Halloween gear in 2023

All the Splatoween gear in Splatoon 3

The four Splatoon 3 Halloween masks you can get this year are:

  • Swim Reaper
    • First up is the tentacled mask that looks somewhat like Cthulhu’s facial tentacles or Davy Jones, which perfectly matches the pirate hat below. This headgear offers the Special Saver ability, which reduces the requirements of the special charge gauge every time you’re splatted. Neat.
  • The Plankton Walker
    • This look comes complete with an eye patch, tricorn hat, and feathers. With this particular hat, you gain the Last Ditch Effort ability which boosts ink saving for your main weapon and sub, ink recovery, a quicker respawn for the last 30 seconds of battle.
  • Undead Head
    • This one reminds us of a mummy’s bandages and has a cool, glowing eye. Rather fittingly, it comes with the Quick Respawn ability that shortens your respawn time after getting splatted.
  • Bleak Beak
    • This distinct mask is a plague doctor mask, with black eyes and green markings on the forehead. It comes with the Quick Super Jump ability which, as the name suggests, makes your super jumps faster across the field.

You can upgrade each of these items with ability chunks by speaking to Murch in the town square, to add some extra oomph to your outfit.

While we haven’t forgotten last year’s lack of Splatoween goodies, we hope these add some seasonal freshness to your inklings. Looking for some other ways to celebrate the season of scares? Here are the best horror games on Switch and mobile and the best Fortnite skins to wear this Halloween.