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Splatoon Reddit’s predictions give an inkling for next Nintendo Direct

The upcoming Nintendo Direct is all about Splatoon 3, and the Splatoon Reddit has made a wishlist of predictions as to what may be shown of the inky shooter

An inkling from Splatoon 3, a humanoid creature with purple hair like play dough, a cool stylish outfit, and a large bucket in each hand.

Splatoon 3 is right around the corner, with a Splatoon 3 Direct on the way to break down all the details for the upcoming shooter full of sea creatures and ink. With a promised 30 minutes of content, there’s bound to be loads of new information about different game modes, weapons, and much more.

And that’s what the Splatoon Reddit thinks, too, with a recent post from the wonderfully named I-Am-The-Yeeter offering up a long list of predictions. Their hope is for new ranked modes, weapons, gear, and music options, and it led a bunch of others in the community to offer bite-sized ideas and wishes.

Specifically, I-Am-The-Yeeter wants a new ranked mode similar to the Rainmaker mode, except with the 8-ball from the Octo Expansion single-player expansion. The goal would be to move the ball to the opponent’s goal, just like carrying the Rainmaker to the opponent’s pedestal. I like it.

They also hope to have eyewear separate from other headgear, allowing for more customisation, which sounds like a no-brainer. This, as well as their hope for flexibility in the music options akin to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, could be some fine tweaks to an already great series.

An Inkling fires a weapon onto an arena in a screenshot from Splatoon 3. Everything in the arena is like a playground, and the paint colours are purple and yellow in a random fashion.

Another user, SirBenny, had the neat idea of having a new casual mode where you could “randomly spawn with a new weapon every time you get splatted”, or something similar, at least. Splatoon 3 could be even more playful than it already is with modes like this, also allowing less dedicated players more hours of fun.

To assist less dedicated players in a similar way, user Ciwwus hopes for “an option to play ranked modes for the more casual players.” Currently, certain game modes are locked behind ranked play, locking more casual players out of different ways to play. This would be great for any players who don’t want to focus on the more competitive side of things.

Either way, it sounds like the Splatoon Reddit all have their heads screwed on, offering up some excellent ideas to improve the series. Check out our Splatoon 3 release date or Splatoon 3 pre-order guides to make sure you’re ready for the big day, or our Splatoon 3 soundtrack feature to hear one writer gush about the game’s music for a little too long (surprise! The writer is me…).