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Sprite Fantasia class guide - all class descriptions, and best classes

Find your ideal class, and learn about the different roles and how to change classes in this Sprite Fantasia class guide

Sprite Fantasia class; an archer, a mage, and a warrior

Sprite Fantasia is a gorgeous MMORPG from Taiwan-based X-Legend Entertainment. Boasting themes of love and friendship, heaps of adorable sprite pets, and a colourful 3D world full of fairy tales and fun, it’s easy to get sucked into this fresh fantasy adventure. At the start of your journey, you have to pick out a class – but which to choose?

That’s where we come in. In our Sprite Fantasia class guide, we’ve ranked all of the classes, so you know which is the best for each role. We’ll also give you an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of each class and their sub-classes, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking to lead the charge as a powerful tank, or hang in the back and shoot them down with your powerful ranged damage, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also included a quick Sprite Fantasia class change guide, if you want to try a different role.

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Sprite Fantasia class tier list – the best Sprite Fantasia class

Classes will always be a case of personal preference, and Sprite Fantasia classes are no different. A straight up tier list would never work for everyone, as each plays a very different and equally important role in the game. Below, we have listed all the available Sprite Fantasia classes, along with their subclasses, and the role they excel in the most. After that, we’ll go into each of their individual strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll be able to pick the best one for you.

  • Warrior class (paladin, berserker) – best tank
  • Mage class (sorcerer, necromancer) – best ranged dps with crit
  • Archer class (ranger, assassin) – best ranged dps
  • Priest class (cleric, sage) – best support

Sprite Fantasia class - warrior

Sprite Fantasia warrior class

Warriors are one of the strongest Sprite Fantasia classes, with great melee power, high survivability, and the best HP and defence. They are tanks who specialise in fighting with a shield and either a sword, hammer, or long blade, which provides them brilliant offence in addition to their defence. As a tank, you should always lead the charge on the front line, and defend yourself and your allies as you look for weak spots and opportunities for well-timed counter-attacks.

Check out the Sprite Fantasia Warrior skills below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Warrior is one of the main classes available during character creation. At level 40, you can upgrade your warrior to one of the following sub-classes.

Paladin – Paladins receive a 2% damage resistance buff when hit, which stacks every second. They deal non-elemental physical damage with their normal attacks.

Berserker – Berserkers specialise in axes. Every time they attack, they receive a 15% critical damage buff. They deal non-elemental physical damage with their normal attacks.

Paladins are the best choice for defence and survivability, whereas berserkers focus more on offensive strength and a more aggressive playstyle.

Sprite Fantasia class - mage

Sprite Fantasia mage class

Mages are one of the top damage-dealers in Sprite Fantasia, with good range and the ability to deal high DPS to both single targets and groups, which is enhanced by their powerful status effects which can do damage over time. They have great AoE potential, along with strong CC and high attack, but have low health, survivability, and defence. In other words, they are glass cannons, so you need to make best use of your range and be quick on your toes in dodging incoming attacks if you want to come out on top.

Check out the Sprite Fantasia mage skills below.

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Mage is one of the main classes available during character creation. At level 40, you can upgrade your mage to one of the following sub-classes.

Necromancer – we’ll add more details on the necromancer class soon

Sorcerer – we’ll add more details on the sorcerer class soon

Necromancers have the ability to summon creatures and inflict strong debuffs on their targets, whereas sorcerers have a stronger focus on powerful elemental spells.

Sprite Fantasia class - archer

Sprite Fantasia archer class

Archers are the other high damage class, and are the non-elemental siblings of the mage. They focus on knocking single targets down with flair, though they do have some decent AoE potential too. Specialising in bows, they are, as the name suggests, purely ranged fighters, so they naturally have low survivability and defence, much like the mage. So you have to be quick and evasive, or find a good tank to sit behind in order to live up to your massive damage potential.

Check out the Sprite Fantasia archer skills below.

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Archer is one of the main classes available during character creation. At level 40, you can upgrade your archer to one of the following sub-classes.

Ranger – we’ll add more details on the ranger class soon

Assassin – we’ll add more details on the assassin class soon

Rangers have higher damage output, and handy skills that can either knock back enemies or increase your EVA, giving you a nice boost to your survivability. Assassins have the ability to initiate surprise attacks and ambushes, and can dish out nasty status effects on enemies as well as some tasty self-buffs that will boost your damage.

Sprite Fantasia class - priest

Sprite Fantasia priest class

Every self-respecting MMORPG needs a good healer, and Sprite Fantasia has the priest. While they don’t do the best damage, and don’t have particularly high defence, they have great self-sustain and play an extremely important role in every party, thanks to their great healing and buffs. They’re the true unsung heroes, and not the best class to pick if you’re playing solo, but can still deal some good independent damage thanks to their light powers. And honestly, support classes are always the true MVP, and your team should be thankful to have a priest on their side.

Check out the Sprite Fantasia priest skills below.

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Priest is one of the main classes available during character creation. At level 40, you can upgrade your priest to one of the following sub-classes.

Cleric – we’ll add more details on the cleric class soon

Sage – we’ll add more details on the sage class soon

Sages have the ability to buff and boost their team’s offensive stats, whereas clerics have more support skills for allies and some great debuffs they can inflict on enemies.

Sprite Fantasia class change guide

If you’ve chosen a class and it’s just not working for you, don’t worry! You can change your class without losing all of your progress. Keep in mind, you need a ticket to change classes, which costs you roughly 300 gems, and you can only change your class once every 14 days.

So, if you’re sure you’re ready to take the plunge, just follow these simple steps.

  • Head to Kaslow
  • Find and speak to TuTu
  • Click ‘I want to change my class’
  • An animation for your current class will play, then you will be brought to the class selection page
  • Tap on the class you want to change to
  • When the dialogue box pops up, type ‘YES’ in all caps
  • There you go – enjoy your new class!

And that’s all we have on Sprite Fantasia classes for now – we hope we’ve helped make your decision a little easier! We’ll be sure to add more information as we get more familiar with the game. For now, you should head over to our list of the best mobile MMORPGs to see if there are any more exciting worlds to tickle your fancy.