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Stumble Guys Barbie crossover brings the beach party

A Stumble Guys Barbie crossover is coming to whisk you away to Barbie World, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a classic battle royale.

key art for the Stumble Guys Barbie crossover with different Barbie characters sat by the pool

To celebrate the cinematic event of the year – and possibly the decade – a Stumble Guys Barbie crossover is coming to the knockout mobile title this July. The event includes a brand-new Barbie-themed course, featuring memorabilia from Barbie games gone by, plus a bunch of perfect pink emotes, animations, and snazzy looks for your stumblers.

The Barbie Dream Dash course arriving in Stumble Guys whisks you away to a beach party where Barbie and her Barbie friends – this is Barbie World after all – are soaking up the sun by the sea. You don’t have time to sunbathe, though, as you race across the sand and through the ocean to collect some of Barbie’s prized possessions. Sadly, we don’t think that includes Ken.

The Barbie Dream Dash event in Stumble Guys isn’t the mobile titles isn’t the first collaboration with toy manufacturer Mattel, following on from 2022’s Hot Wheels crossover. Still, it’s clear there’s plenty of excitement for the latest team-up, as you can tell from Mattel’s Global Head of Digital Gaming Mike DeLaet’s statement below.

“Building on the success of Hot Wheels, it was an easy decision to collaborate with Scopely to bring Barbie to life in this new and unique way. Bringing her trademark magic and wonder to Stumble Guys, players can immerse themselves in a Barbie beach party like no other. This collaboration showcases the power of Barbie to make any world truly magical, and we can’t wait to see players Stumble with style.”

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There you have it, all you need to know about the upcoming Stumble Guys Barbie crossover. For more toys, check out our FNAF plush, Mario figure, and Mario Kart Hot Wheels guides.