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This official Suika Game merch makes our mouths water

Life sometimes gives you lemons, or in this case, it’s watermelons - a new range of Suika Game merchandise hits shelves soon.

Suika Game merch - three items of fruit themed merchandise

Suika Game, the simple watermelon-themed puzzle that took the world by storm, now has some suitably fruity merchandise coming out for fans to show off their love of mixing melons in real life.

The mouth-watering merch comes from Japanese brand Takarajimasha, known for collaborations with Disney, Peanuts, and Moomins among others. You can get all kinds of wonderful things, including fuzzy Sesame Street purses, Hello Kitty totes, and now… watermelon pillows.

If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend you grab a Suika Game to play – the OG on Switch is the best, but there are mobile versions too. The game is a simple and catchy puzzler that lets you mix fruits into bigger types, and see how high your score can get. The goal is to make the biggest fruit – a watermelon – though it’s trickier than you think.

So, what can we get in this new collection? For now, there are there pieces for fans to enjoy. First, you can furnish your office with a watermelon-sized plush pillow, complete with an armhole in the middle – perfect for a nap at your desk. You can also get a mini watermelon-shape plush coin purse, with a chain on it, so you can attach it to your bag.

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The best part is a rectangular pencil case or pouch with a see-through window that contains all the fruits featured in the game. Do I need a pencil case? No, but for $15 you know I’ll be getting one. These items go live on April 24, 2024. More may come out in the future, but for now, this is what we can get.

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