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The best Suika games in 2024

These Suika games are growing on us, so here are the best options to play on both mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The Suika Games watermelon on a green Pocket Tactics background

Ah, Suika Game, what a delightful experience. You know, that watermelon game where you mix fruits together to create bigger fruits? The official version is available on Switch and iOS, but there are plenty of versions on other platforms, too, if you want to grow some melons on your Android device.

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Can I play Suika Game on Switch?

Yes, the official version of Suika Game is available on Nintendo Switch for less than $5. For now, it’s the only watermelon game focused on dropping fruits on each other, too, but we’re sure that some unofficial versions may pop up.

If you want to bring someone else into the fun, then there’s also a two-player mode in Suika Game now, as revealed in the recent Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase.

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How do I play Suika Game on mobile?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the official Suika Game from the App Store in certain regions. However, if you’re on Android, or in the UK, you’ll need to find a replica game instead. Most are heavily inspired by the original, whereas some have a bit of a different play style.

These are the best Suika Games on mobile:

We’ve pulled together a list of the best watermelon games on Android – and iOS – if you can’t get your hands on the real Suika Game.

Suika Games - A screenshot of Monkey Land on a phone

QSWatermelon: Monkey Land – Android and iOS

Monkey Land is very true to the original Suika Game, except there are teeny tiny monkeys clinging to some of the fruit. The premise is the same, in that you drop fruits onto each other to merge them into larger fruit, eventually ending in a big, juicy watermelon.

Find it on Google Play or on the App Store here.

Suika Games - Two screenshots of Kyo’s Fruit Merge showing different skins on the fruit

My Suika – Kyo’s Fruit Merge – Android and iOS

This one has more of a violent feel thanks to the amount of skins and decorations you can get for each fruit, including some ninja stars stuck into the watermelon, and various masks on smaller fruit.

Grab it on Google Play here, or the App Store.

Suika Games - Two screengrabs of Melon Maker showing how to merge fruits together

Melon Maker: Fruit Game – Android

Melon Maker is perhaps the most authentic-looking version of a Suika Game, with friendly-looking round fruits all over the place. The only real difference is that this game is vertical, whereas Suika Game on Switch is horizontal. This game is only available on Google Play, though, not iOS.

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