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Stardew Valley merch

Kit yourself out with some Stardew Valley merch, or gift it to the up-and-coming farmer in your life, with our cream of the crop picks.

Stardew Valley merch: A selection of items on a pixel art background

Stardew Valley took the world by storm thanks to its cosy and wholesome vibes while you turn your ramshackle farm into a blooming and booming production centre. So why not show your love for ConcernedApe’s game with some Stardew Valley merch? We’ve picked the cutest and coolest items available so you can adorn yourself with chickens, Junimos, and cursed sewer creatures.

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Without further ado, let’s kick off our list. of the best Stardew Valley merch available.

All the products in the Stardew Valley collector's edition laid out

Stardew Valley Collector’s edition

Obviously, you’re going to want a collectors edition including the physical game if you’re planning on netting yourself some Stardew merchandise. This comes with a deed of land for your new farm, a wooden pin badge, a Junimo comic book, and more, which is well worth the price tag!

the official Stardew Valley boardgame box

Stardew Valley: The Board Game

Seldom seen in stock is the Stardew board game, created by ConcernedApe and board game designer Cole Medeiros. Essentially, the game functions the same, but with action cards and collectable pieces. Up to four people can play together while foraging, fishing, and forging friendships.

A Stardew Valley sleeping chicken shirt

Sleeping Stardew Valley chicken shirt

No gaming merch collection is complete without some apparel, so why not an adorable sleeping chicken on a t-shirt?

The cover of the Stardew Valley guidebook and a page dedicated to Fall produce

The Stardew Valley guidebook

For those that want to plan your farm and make sure every turnip is accounted for, we recommend the official Stardew Valley guidebook. This fully illustrated, the hardback book features over 200 pages of information about Pelican Town, crops, animals, and how to deal with any unsightly monsters. Heck, even if you’ve played the game many times and could write a guide yourself, this book is incredibly pretty and well worth a spot on your bookshelf.

Stardew Valley krobus shirt: a grey t-shirt with a pocket design

Krobus Pocket Pal shirt

Perhaps you want something a little less cute than a sleeping chicken on your shirt, in which case let us present this shirt with a sewer lid-shaped pocket. Krobus peeks out of the top of it, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it design choice.

A Stardew Valley green Junimo plush on a Pelican Town background

Green Junimo plush

Farmers in Pelican Town come to meet many creatures, including the spiritual Junimos that are eager to assist on the farm – so why not get a real one? Not only is it soft and squidgy, this plump lil guy even has poseable arms! Now, this Junimo won’t come to life and help water your crops in real life, but it’s an adorable addition to a plush collection nonetheless.

A Stardew Valley hoodie on a Pelican Town background

Skulldew Valley zip-up hoodie

This design may not be for everyone, but it rocks. What’s better than Stardew Valley’s logo re-imagined as a metal band logo? This lightweight zip-up is perfect for layering, and catching any eagle-eyed Stardew fans unaware as you pass by. There’s a t-shirt version too, for those who don’t wear hoodies that much, too.

A Stardew Valley blue chicken plush on a Pelican Town background

Blue Chicken pillow plush

Last but certainly not least is a blue chicken plus. Measuring around eight by eight inches, these are super soft and very squashy and come in different colours – though the iconic blue chicken is our choice. These chickens are made with love between ConcernedApe, and official supplier Sanshee.

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