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New Mario Maker 2 update is very short and sweet

Nintendo has launched a new Super Mario Maker 2 update, but the patch notes have ignited a lot of mystery and confusion among fans of the Switch game.

Super Mario Maker 2 mario and luigi

Unexpectedly, and seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo has surprised Mario fans with a fresh Mario Maker 2 update for the beloved title on Switch, bringing the game to version 3.0.3. What’s in the update, you ask? Well, thankfully, Nintendo has provided patch notes, but they make for light reading.

That’s not an exaggeration: the patch notes are smaller than a Mario character in Mario Kart after being struck by lightning. With the update, Nintendo shares that it’s “made adjustments to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.” Yep, that’s it. Undoubtedly, you’ll be left just as curious and puzzled by this as we are.

What makes the brevity of the patch notes all the more peculiar is the fact that the last major update for the game dropped way back in 2020. So, why come back with such a meager, vague update now? We’re just as in the dark as you are. Dataminers have embarked on a fruitless quest to uncover the secrets of the update, but it seems Nintendo is intent on keeping things relatively secret. Dataminer OatmealDome confirms this, sharing that Nintendo added no new content, sparking speculation about potential security fixes or under-the-radar enhancements. Or, maybe it all points to possible work on a sequel…

If Nintendo were to release a sequel, possibly for the Switch 2, it would be welcomed by the series’ many fans. Super Mario Maker 2 remains a beacon of creativity for fans worldwide, and with a toolbox that bursts with endless possibilities, players continue to craft imaginative levels and explore the Mushroom Kingdom years after its release. So, if you haven’t plunged into the fungus-infected wonderland of Super Mario Maker 2 yet, now might just be the perfect time to jump in and start creating your own Mushroom Kingdom masterpiece.

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Or, maybe you’re happy to wait for the new Mario game: Mario vs Donkey Kong. We got hands-on early access to the game and have enjoyed what we’ve played so far as the franchise continues to prove its ability to handle a diverse range of genres.

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