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When will we get a new Mario game?

We’re always excited about a new Mario game, so here are our thoughts on when we might get one coming to the Switch.

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We may have a Super Mario RPG remake on Switch and Princess Peach: Showtime! coming up, but when is there going to be a new Mario game? Nintendo hasn’t given us any hints as to the next adventure for the mustachioed man just yet, but we’re sure we’ll be back in the Mushroom Kingdom soon.

Ahead of the potential release of a Nintendo Switch 2, we’re speculating about what a new Pokémon game could look like, and if we’re ever getting a Sims Nintendo Switch version. There are plenty of excellent indie games to play while we wait for these triple-A titles, though.

New Mario game release date estimate

Nintendo is still riding a high after the smashing success of Super Mario Bros. Wonder in 2023, and with all these rumors of a Switch 2 release date, the studio is probably quite busy. That said, a new system would likely release with a brand spanking new Mario game, given that the man is the face of Nintendo.

Therefore, if we get really imaginative, we can assume that Nintendo will release a new Mario game in late 2024, or perhaps 2025, depending on when the next system comes out. There’s a slim chance that we get Mario-themed news on March 10, Mario Day, to celebrate the iconic plumber – but we’ll need to wait and see about that.

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New Mario gameplay predictions

A lot of Mario games take us on a journey we didn’t quite expect. While they’re mostly platformers of some kind, there are also turn-based entries and more open-world titles like Super Mario Odyssey.

2023’s Super Mario Wonder, while bringing back the 3D side-scrolling formula, introduced plenty of weird and wonderful mechanics for us to play around with, as previous Mario games have. Check out our Super Mario Bros Wonder review here for a better look at what you can get up to.

It feels likely that any future Mario games follow suit, giving us a new way to play with Mario, Luigi, and co in a fresh world – with exciting enemies and items to pick up. Who knows, maybe next time Mario will turn into a fish and swim through the pesky water levels.

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