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New Zelda Game news, release date estimate, and more

We already can't wait for a new Zelda game, so we've created a guide to all the latest news and speculation on the inevitable Nintendo title.

Link in Tears of the Kingdom and Ocarina of Time

Want the lowdown on the new Zelda game? You’re in the right place. Zelda fans are, without a doubt, some of the luckiest in the world. Since its debut, the franchise has churned out frequent instant classics, from Ocarina of Time to the most recent Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Alongside Pokémon and Mario, it’s one of Nintendo’s biggest juggernauts. So, what’s next for the franchise?

Here, we uncover all the latest news and speculation about the next Zelda title after Tears of the Kingdom, including a release date estimate, platform availability predictions, and gameplay speculation. For more Nintendo news, see our guide to the Nintendo Switch 2, and our picks for the best Nintendo Switch games. Or, for a retrospective, read our Tears of the Kingdom review.

New Zelda game release date estimate

Nintendo hasn’t given any information about the release date for a new Zelda game, which isn’t even in development yet. With that in mind, and given the lengthy development cycle of new Zelda games, it seems like the next Zelda won’t release any earlier than 2027.

Of course, that seems like a terribly long wait. However, bear in mind that in the meantime, Nintendo is working on a live-action Zelda movie. Following in the footsteps of the animated Mario movie (and its Bowser-sized commercial success), the Zelda movie will bring the adventures of Link and Zelda to the big screen. Directed by Wes Ball, the project aims to have a tone similar to a Studio Ghibli movie from Hayao Miyazaki, which sounds perfect to us.

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New Zelda game platform speculation

In an effort to encourage users to migrate from the Switch to the upcoming Switch 2, the next Zelda game will most likely be exclusive to the next-gen version of the handheld console. Just as Nintendo designed Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom specifically for Switch compatibility, the next Zelda game will almost certainly make use of the pioneering tech in the Switch 2 to boast the best performance possible and enhance the gameplay in new, exciting, and unpredictable ways.

New Zelda game gameplay predictions

Speaking of gameplay, Nintendo has hinted that the next Zelda game will not be a direct sequel to Tears of the Kingdom. This is a break from recent form, as we’ve seen Tears of the Kingdom continue on from Breath of the Wild almost exactly in terms of gameplay. So, it opens up a whole new world of possibility for the new Zelda game, suggesting that the format could change completely.

Throughout Zelda’s long history, the series has transitioned through multiple gameplay styles. We’ve had top-down games, side-scroller platforming games, 3D open-world games, games with multiplayer elements, and much more. So, where the Zelda franchise goes next (and if it will continue in the same style as Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom) is anyone’s guess. After the two most recent games, it feels like now is a good time to return to a more confined, linear narrative, albeit with an expansive world. Co-op elements would also be an extremely cool addition that can add lots of variety and flavor to the next title.

For now, that’s everything we know about what’s next for Zelda. We can’t wait to hear more news, and as soon as we do we’ll update this guide with the latest information. If you want to read more fun Nintendo articles, check out our guides to the new Pokémon game and new Mario game. Or, if you enjoy Zelda you might like Genshin Impact, in which case see our list of Genshin Impact codes and Genshin Impact tier list.