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A Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired JRPG is coming to mobile

JRPG lovers rejoice - XD's next adventure 'Sword of Convallaria' secures a release date on mobile and PC platforms for summer 2024.

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Head into Sword of Convallaria, an RPG adventure promising a modern take on old-school games, taking inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics. The Sword of Canvallaria release date isn’t too far away, so read on to find out where you can play it.

Sword of Convallaria releases on July 31, 2024 – a perfect time to sink into it during the summer holidays. The game comes to the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. If you plan on playing it on Steam Deck, don’t forget to grab a Steam Deck dock to keep it charged.

The gameplay looks to be a combination of classic JRPG gameplay with ‘modern flourishes’ such as the blend of pixel art and 3D rendering to really bring the characters and the world to life in a stunning neo-pixel style. Sword of Convallaria follows the story of political unrest in the land of Iria, and through turn-based combat, you and your party of mercenaries must make choices that change the course of your future.

If you want to test it out ahead of launch, you can sign up for the closed beta test on PC or Android, starting on June 27 – or download the demo on Steam. Android users can head to the official website and fill in the form from now until June 24 to apply.

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A delightful soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, features in the game, which blends with excellent voice acting by the likes of Aoi Yuki (Persona 5’s Futaba and Genshin Impact’s Lumine) and Takuya Eguchi (Monster Hunter: Rise and Fire Emblem Engage).

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