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Tales of Grimm tier list

Get a grip on the grim and wonderful world of Ozzy, with the help of our Tales of Grimm tier list, featuring the best heroes for each role

Tales of Grimm tier list; an evil version of a character facing a sweet version of herself in a cracked mirror, as a wolf hides in the background

The story of the fresh gacha RPG Tales of Grimm is a unique take on a bunch of familiar fairy tales, and with laid-back, fun gameplay, there’s plenty to love. But with so many intriguing characters and fantasy beasties on the roster, it can be hard to choose which ones should accompany you on your fairytale adventure through the perilous land of Ozzy. Lucky for you, we’re here to offer a glass slipper in the form of our Tales of Grimm tier list, highlighting the best heroes in each class.

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Tales of Grimm tier list

Every hero in Tales of Grimm falls under one of four roles. Picking the correct line-up formation is one of the most important elements of the game, as it’s required to effectively counter specific enemy skills.

The main formation requires one guardian hero in the front, accompanied by two support heroes. At level 20, you unlock a new formation that allows you to put two guardians at the front, but only leaves room for one support.

As such, we’ve separated our tier list by role, so you know who’s the best to pick for each position. We’ve also included a brief description of each of the roles and what they do.

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Tales of Grimm guardian tier list

Guardians are essentially the tanks of Tales of Grimm, capable of soaking up plenty of damage with their high defence and durability. This makes them perfect for leading the charge on the frontlines.

Tier Tales of Grimm character
S Shahryar
A Dark Knight, Quasi Mortal, Triton
B Bean Sage, Federn, Genie Cuya
C Hans in Luck, Hookhand

Tales of Grimm Warrior tier list

Tales of Grimm warriors are the powerful melee attackers, capable of dealing plenty of damage from up-close. In order to really shine, they need both guardians and supports on their team to ensure their safety.

Tier Tales of Grimm character
S Prince Charm
A Blade Gina, Dark Queen, Fencer Pedro, Glade Laddin, Red Queen, Wukong, Pinno, Schnee
B Little Prince, Rogue Jack, Swift Ali, Princess Ophelia
C Prince Adam, Gerde, Madman Gatton

Tales of Grimm Mage tier list

Mages are similar to warriors in Tales of Grimm, but instead of melee fighting, they deal damage from a distance. They have high attack but low defence, so, like warriors, they require guardians and supports to keep them kicking.

Tier Tales of Grimm character
S Cindy, Wonder Allish
A Bunny Bride, Queen Lilith, Raven Irene
B Britney, Carabose, Cindy’s Stepmother
C Anne, Wicked Hag, Goddess Bella, Emerald Mage

Tales of Grimm support tier list

Supports play an extremely important role in any Tales of Grimm team. Offering support, shields, and buffs from the backlines, they keep their allies in tip-top shape, making sure that they live to fight another day – after all, you can’t deal damage if you’re dead!

Tier Tales of Grimm character
S Mad Granny, Maid Sophie, Miss Conch
A Larissa, Nightmare Ella, Nesy, Dottie
B Bremen, Thumboy, Princess Peaya, Raven Maal
C Lettucera, Thumbelina

That’s it for our Tales of Grimm tier list. We’ll be sure to update this guide as more characters come out, or as the meta changes. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best mobile games to explore a wider variety of titles.