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What’s better than second breakfast? Tales of the Shire on Switch

We’re in for a treat with a new Tales of the Shire trailer showing off the adorable world in the game, and confirming which platforms its coming to.

tales of the Shire release date - a character in the game eating a meal

Every single member of the Pocket Tactics team is brimming with excitement for this game. It’s Tales of the Shire, an official Lord of the Rings title from Weta Workshop. And get this – it’s a cozy, cute, and wholesome game, too!

Our new “cozy Hobbit life” awaits us in Tales of the Shire, officially dubbed a heart-warming game from Weta Workshop and Private Division, releasing in the second half of 2024. We don’t have a specific date yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop – we can’t wait to see what this indie game is like.

Tales of the Shire will come to Nintendo Switch, along with a simultaneous release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Our expectations are high given that Private Division brought us Hades and Olli Olli World, which are excellent games on Switch.

In the game, you create a Hobbit to play as, and then start a new life in Bywater. Your fellow Hobbits have stores for you to visit as you fish, farm, and make friends. But, you have a task – to throw the best Bywater Festival this side of Mordor.

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In Tales of the Shire, it’s not all outdoor activities, though – you can decorate your own cozy Hobbit hole, and cook an array of tasty meals. Why stop at second breakfast?

Not all those who wander are lost, and we can’t wait to ramble through the rolling countryside in Tales of the Shire. If you feel like playing something ahead of this, here are the best farm games and gardening games on Switch and mobile.