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The best Netflix games and how to download them

Stream to your hearts’ content with the best Netflix games we recommend, and find out how to access them on your many mobile devices.

A shot from Netflix games Spiritfarer showing two characters hugging on a boat

Most of us, by now, have Netflix on our mobile devices – but there’s more to it than just bingeable TV shows. The Netflix games service is live so we’ve collected some of the best games on the platform, and a quick explainer on how to access them, as it can be a little confusing.

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Here are the best Netflix games you can get with the subscription.

A blooming jungle biome in the Netflix game Terra Nil

Terra Nil

If you’re a fan of nature and growing plants, Terra Nil may tickle your fancy. The objective is to bring flourishing life back to biomes by using some fancy technology, then breaking it all down and leaving without a trace so all the lovely deer and beavers can continue to thrive.

We have a Terra Nil review for a full run-down of what the game is if you’d like to have a look.

Netflix games Oxenfree: a screenshot showing different speech options for the character


The supernatural thriller, Oxenfree, comes highly recommended by us here at PT. There are many stories to weave in this 80’s high school horror world, with different endings to discover. The gameplay is simple, effective, and perfect for chilling out on your phone.

There’s also Oxenfree’s sequel, too – if you’re interested, check out our Oxenfree II review right here for more spooky synthwave shenanigans.

Netflix games Moonlighter: a village with a shop attendant and other people hanging around


Moonlighter perfectly mixes up management elements with a roguelite combat system in that you run your own store in a mystical world, and must take to the dungeons to stock it with goods.

Of course, there’s more to do like making potions and getting better weapons, and provides a good few hours of engrossing gameplay. Plus, the soundtrack is made up of some fantastic songs. If you want a closer look, check out our Moonlighter review.

Netflix games Twelve Minutes: a character on the floor and another being handcuffed in a living room

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an interactive story set in a twelve-minute time loop, where everything that could go wrong does, and you’ve got to figure out why. The top-down aspect and click-and-drag mechanics lend themselves perfectly to Netflix games’ platform options.

If the sound of the game isn’t enough, then know that it has James McAvoy in it. Easy win.

A level in the Netflix game Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon filled with gems and monsters

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Sitting down and settling into a good puzzle game is always a good option, and what better way to do that than with Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, courtesy of Netflix games.

Dig and dodge your way through plenty of levels with falling-puzzle gameplay, and enemies to fight off, in true Shovel Knight style.

Netflix games Spiritfarer characters shopping at a stall in front of some trees


Spiritfarer is an adorable game about death and we highly recommend it, as per our Spiritfarer review. You are Stella, and you must build up your boat to take souls to the Everdoor as you work toward fulfilling their last desires.

It probably looks a bit better on larger screens, but being able to play it comfortably wherever you want on a mobile device can only increase the coziness level. Just bring your tissues as you make good friends along the way, but must let them all go in time.

How to play Netflix games on mobile

The first step to playing any Netflix games is to download Netflix. Playing Netflix games requires you to use your Netflix account and profile to log in. On the homepage, there’s a row of available mobile games and a games tab at the bottom of the screen.

Once you see a game you like, click on it, and then hit ‘get game’. This takes you to the relevant app program on your device where you then download the game. Alternatively, you can search for the game by name – keep an eye out for the red Netflix N in the corner of the icons to ensure it is available with your subscription.

Note that Netflix games are only available on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch, and aren’t available on kids’ profiles.

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