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Redditors aren’t fans of Teamfight Tactic’s baby dragons

Riot Games’ mobile auto chess game is one of the best in the genre, but according to Reddit, Teamfight Tactics baby dragons aren’t that cute

Teamfight Tactics baby dragons just chilling

We love Riot Games mobile library at PT, and we have a soft spot for Teamfight Tactics, but as we were scrolling through Reddit, we couldn’t help but come across a thread that asks a pressing question, one that causes you to ponder your answer in a meaningful way. Yes, it’s that serious.

Are Teamfight Tactics’ baby dragons “the grossest looking things Riot has ever produced?” Well, given this thread is from Reddit user ThatBugInTheRiver, it’s safe to say that they certainly think so, and you know what, they might have a point. When it comes to key art, the baby dragons look adorable, but in-game, it’s a different story. However, some of them look okay. Or not.

Anyway, it’s not just ThatBugInTheRiver that feels that way, as a fair few players make points of their own in the thread. EmeraldParrots describes them as “chameleons that spawned in Chernobyl”, while Madroxide86 thinks “someone took inspiration from a mosquito.” So yeah, it’s fair to say that the baby dragons aren’t getting a lot of love in TFT.

Are TFT baby dragons the grossest thing created by Riot?

The answer to this is subjective. Honestly, we didn’t even notice until stumbling across this Reddit thread. Nonetheless, we will forever wonder the same thing as Ronengit, “if it’s a nose, why is it a different colour? And if it’s a horn, how do they smell?” How indeed Ronengit, how indeed.

Okay, but why are baby dragons the grossest looking things Riot has ever produced? from TeamfightTactics

Baby dragons aside, Riot’s mobile auto chess game is one of the best in the genre, so don’t be afraid to try it. You can even use our TFT tier list to discover who the best champions are.

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