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It’s time to say goodbye to Teamfight Tactics’ Poggles

Teamfight Tactics Poggles has been on a journey around the world, ahead of his descent into deep space, where he travels to places no other dragon has been

Teamfight Tactics Poggles

It’s a sad day for all you Teamfight Tactics players out there, as the adorable Poggles departs from Riot Games’ mobile auto chess title – he’s a brave dragon, and has gone where no other dragon has gone before. However, before he left us, Poggles took a fun trip around the world, and we’re here for it.

We don’t have enough time to discuss all of the locations Teamfight Tactics Poggles went to, but let’s look at some of the best locations that Poggles felt were worth his time, thanks to the TFT Twitter account. First up is Egypt. Even next to iconic landmarks such as a sphynx, the little dragon stands tall, and is clearly the main attraction.

Then, as Poggles is clearly a fan of the fine arts, the lil guy went to Sydney Opera House – just look at him. He towers over the building and looks happy to be there. You can also spot Poggles in Ha Long Bay, though it’s a bit difficult to miss this adorable dragon, especially since he plopped himself in the centre of the gorgeous location.

Where is Teamfight Tactics Poggles now?

After his journey around the world, there’s only one place left for him to go, and that’s space. Thankfully, he doesn’t look too worried as he ascends above Earth’s atmosphere. However, the little dragon has gone beyond where Riot and TFT players can follow him. He departs on a journey into deep space.

We don’t know when we’ll meet this iconic dragon again, but one thing is certain, he lives on in the hearts of TFT players worldwide. His legend lives on. So go forth, young Poggles, and make us all proud.

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