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Terraria wings guide

Find out about all the different Terraria wings, from angel wings to bat wings, how to get them, how to use them, and which ones are the best for your needs.

Terraria wings over a biome background with brightly coloured trees

A good pair of Terraria wings can make traversing the landscape and taking on bad guys far easier. Whether you’re looking for fledgling wings, angel wings, bat wings, or fairy wings, there’s a pair for everyone in this guide – and, to sweeten the deal, we’ve even included a selection of the best wings in Terraria.

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Let’s dive into our Terraria wings guide.

How to get wings in Terraria 

If you want to get your hands on a pair of wings in Terraria, the first thing you have to do is set the game to hardmode. Hardmode becomes the default mode once you’ve beaten the Wall of Flesh for the first itme. Most wings can only be obtained by crafting them, though some are available in treasure bags, as rewards, or to purchase from merchants. Below we’ve gathered a list of all the wings in Teraria, and how to get them, so you’ll be soaring around in no time.

Craftable Terraria wings

To craft the following wings you must first set the game to Hardmode. Once that is done, you can combine the items listed below at an anvil to create loads of different wings.

Wings Items required Flight time Rarity
Angel Wings Ten Feathers, 20 Souls of Flight, and 25 Souls of Light 1.67 seconds Pink
Bat Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Broken Bat Wing 2.67 seconds Pink
Bee Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Tattered Bee Wing 2.67 seconds Pink
Beetle Wings 20 Souls of Flight and eight Beetle Husks 2.83 seconds Lime
Bone Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Bone Feather 2.83 seconds Pink
Butterfly Wings 20 Souls of Flight and Butterfly Dust 2.67 seconds Pink
Demon Wings 20 Souls of Flight, ten Feathers, and 25 Souls of Night 1.67 seconds Pink
Fairy Wings 20 Souls of Flight and 100 Pixie Dust 2.17 seconds Pink
Flame Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Fire Feather 2.67 seconds Pink
Frozen Wings 20 Souls of Flight and an Ice Feather 2.17 seconds Pink
Ghost Wings 20 Souls of Flight and ten Ectoplasm 2.67 seconds Yellow
Harpy Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Giant Harpy Feather 2.17 seconds Pink
Hoverboard 20 Souls of Flight and 18 Shroomite Bars 2.83 seconds Pink
Nebula Mantle 14 Nebula Fragments and ten Luminite Bars Three seconds Red
Solar Wings 14 Solar Fragments and ten Luminite Bars Three seconds Red
Sparkly Wings 15 Souls of Flight, ten Feathers, and a Soul of Blight 1.67 seconds White
Spectre Wings 20 Souls of Flight and ten Spectre Bars 2.83 seconds Yellow
Spooky Wings 20 Souls of Flight and a Spooky Twig Three seconds Lime
Stardust Wings 14 Stardust Fragments and ten Luminite Bars Three seconds Red
Tattered Fairy Wings 20 Souls of Flight and Black Fairy Dust Three seconds Lime
Vortex Booster 14 Vortex Fragments and ten Luminite Bars Three seconds Red

The FoodBarbarian's Tattered Dragon Terraria wings in action

Treasure Bag wings

Treasure Bags are obtained by defeating bosses in expert and master mode. All Terraria wings obtained from Treasure Bags have a 2.5 second flight time and are of cyan rarity.

  • Arkhalis’ Lightwings
  • Cenx’s Wings
  • Crowno’s Wings
  • D-Town’s Wings
  • FoodBarbarian’s Tattered Dragon Wings
  • Ghostar’s Infinity Eight
  • Grox The Great’s Wings
  • Jim’s Wings
  • Lazure’s Barrier Platform
  • Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak
  • Loki’s Wings
  • Red’s Wings
  • Safeman’s Blanket Cape
  • Skiphs’ Paws
  • Will’s Wings
  • Yoraiz0r’s Spell

Betsy's Terraria wings in action

Rewarded wings

These Terraria wings are dropped by Hardmode enemies and given as quest rewards, so make sure you’re prepared for a difficult fight if you want to collect them all.

Wings Rewarded or dropped by Flight time Rarity
Betsy’s Wings Dropped by Betsy 2.5 seconds Yellow
Celestial Starboard Dropped by the Moon Lord in Expert Mode Three seconds Rainbow
Empress Wings Dropped by the Empress of Light 2.5 seconds Cyan
Festive Wings Dropped by Everscream Three seconds Pink
Fin Wings Quest reward from Angler 2.17 seconds Red
Fishron Wings Dropped by Duke Fishron Three seconds Yellow
Fledgling Wings Obtained by creating a Journey Mode character 0.42 seconds White
Mothron Wings Dropped by Mothron 2.83 seconds Yellow

The Jetpack in action

Merchant wings

These last few Terraria wings are the easiest to acquire and can be purchased from in-game merchants.

Wings Sold by Flight time Rarity
Jetpack The Steampunker for 40 Gold Coins during Moon phases five to eight 2.5 seconds Pink
Leaf Wings The Witch Doctor for 75 Gold Coins during night time in a Hardmode Jungle biome 1.67 seconds Pink
Steampunk Wings The Steampunker for three Platinum Coins after defeating Golem Three seconds Yellow
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How to use Terraria wings 

When you’ve acquired a set of Terraria wings, you’re able to use them by pressing and holding the jump key. Certain types of wings allow you to hover in mid-air by holding the down key during flight, while others let you speed your ascent by pressing the up key. Once you’ve run out of flight time, you’re able to continue gliding by holding the jump key.

Flight time is reset whenever you land on solid ground or use a climbing item. Terraria wings also make the player immune to fall damage, which is even more of a reason to go out and find yourself a pair.

The Solar Terraria wings in action

What are the best wings in Terraria? 

As with most questions like this, the answer is entirely subjective, and it depends on what you’re looking for and how you play the game. Here are our picks for some of the best wings in Terraria, based on your goals.

High Flyers

If you want to fly as high as possible, the best Terraria wings are Stardust wings or Solar wings, which offer a massive max height of 167 tiles.

Go the distance

If you want to fly as far as possible, you should go with the Nebula mantle or the Vortex booster, as they allow you to both hover and move horizontally. With these beauties, you;ll be zipping across the world of Terraria in a flash.

All-round flapping machines

The best all-rounder wings have got to be the Fishron Wings, which have good height and speed, and also allow you to ‘fly’ underwatere. Who needs the law of physics when you’ve got Fishron on your side?

Player battling Duke Fishron in Terraria

There you have it, those are all Terraria wings you can obtain while playing through the game. If you’re looking for more help, take a look at our Terraria NPCs guide, or check out our list of the best games like Terraria for something new.