Terraria bosses – how to summon and defeat every boss

Check out every Terraria boss, the best order to defeat them in, and who is the hardest

Terraria boss fight

Terraria bosses serve up the greatest challenge you’ll face in this colourful 2D sandbox adventure. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from giant slime blobs and eyeballs to murderous bees and creepy skeletons. One thing remains true of the lot, however: they’re all quite tricky to take down.

In order to even trigger a boss fight, you’ll first have to meet some summoning criteria. This can take a bit of time if you’re new to the game, so we’ve put together this here guide to give you an expert rundown of all the Terraria bosses, how to summon them, and what sort of challenge they pose.

We’ll also fill you in on the order you should fight the various Terraria bosses in, who among them is the strongest, and how many there are in total to defeat. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guides on how to grab a Terraria cell phone, build your dream Terraria house, and unlock all Terraria armor, Terraria NPCs, and Terraria wings.

Everything you need to know about terraria bosses:

Terraria boss fight


Terraria features a grand total of over 30 bosses to summon and defeat, though they’re all split between three categories. You can expect to see seven normal bosses, ten hardmode bosses, and 14 event bosses. Many of these fights are optional, so follow the instructions below to seek them out.

What order should I fight bosses in Terraria?

You can fight most Terraria bosses in any order, provided you know how to summon them. Of course, you first need to reach hardmode if you want to battle it out against its exclusive bosses. You can check out our recommended order in the list below.

Who is the strongest boss in Terraria?

Terraria’s strongest bosses are undoubtedly the almighty Moon Lord and Duke Fishron. While the former is technically Terraria’s final hardmode boss, the latter puts up just as tough a fight, even with his comparatively small health pool.

The Wall of Flesh boss

all Terraria bosses

These are the seven bosses you can duke it out with in Terraria’s standard mode. We’ve listed them in order of when you should attempt to fight them.

King Slime

You can summon this big ol’ slime by using a ‘Slime Crown’ or defeating 150 mini slimes during a slime storm, which is a random in-game event where slimes fall from the heavens. King Slime is a bit of a pushover, making him an easy first boss.


Queen Bee is one of the simplest Terraria bosses of them all, and you can summon her by destroying her larva within the underground jungle. You can also use an ‘Abeemination’ anywhere in the jungle biome in order to spawn her straight away.


The Eye of Cthulhu is a gross, fleshy eyeball that has a one in three chance of spawning in the evening once you have at least 200 HP, ten defence, and three or more NPCs living in your town. You can also opt to summon it yourself by using a ‘Suspicious Looking Eye’ at night.

Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds is almost as disgusting as the Eye of Cthulhu, being a ruddy giant worm and all. Thankfully, it’s only available in worlds filled with corruption. You can wake it up by breaking three ‘Shadow Orb’ items found deep within corruption chasms using a pickaxe with at least 65% power. Naturally, explosives will also do the trick.

Brain of Cthulhu

Oh look, another revolting Terraria boss. This one’s a murderous brain with a gaping, toothy maw. Just… no. You can summon the Brain of Cthulhu by hammering away at three ‘Crimson Hearts’ found within crimson chasms. Alternatively, you can use a ‘Bloody Spine’ to instantly summon the beast.


Skeletron is a towering skeleton who possesses the strength to kill you in a single hit if you don’t defeat him before the night is through. You can summon him by chatting to the old man at the entrance to the dungeon during the evening. Steel yourself for a tricky fight with this one.

Wall of Flesh

You’ll face off against the Wall of Flesh just before entering hardmode. As its name suggests, it’s another disgustingly fleshy Terraria boss with a sizeable health pool and formidable strength. You can summon it – if you dare – by lobbing a Guide Voodoo Doll into a pool of lava.

And that’s all she wrote for our Terraria bosses guide. We’ll keep adding to the list above over time to include the remaining hardmode and event bosses, giving you all the handy tips and info you need to master the game.

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