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The best Tetris Games on Switch and mobile

Tetris games are timeless, being the epitome of good puzzle game design that anyone can play, and here are the best handheld options on mobile and Switch.

Tetris: we all love it, and there’ve been countless Tetris games over the years, mainly thanks to disputes over the rights. Nintendo published Tetris, famously alongside the Gameboy, for a while until it reverted back to creator Pajitnov in 1996. Because there are so many, we thought it best to collect the ones worth playing on Switch and mobile into a handy little list.

Once you’ve found your favorite down below and had some tetromino fun, we’ve got lots more recommendations for you. There are the best monster games, the best open-world games for you freedom fanatics, and also the best Mario games if you like Italy or plumbing or mustaches or shells or whatever else.

Anyway, Tetris time. Here are our picks for the best Tetris games on Switch and mobile.

Tetris Story – mobile

Place those bricks and blast through levels in Tetris Story on Android and iOS as Terry, accompanied by his adorable dog Cube. Head through each level and gradually build the Tetris Universe around you while gathering power-ups to boost your play.

One of the many Tetris games, Puyo Puyo Tetris, showing two puzzle screens with Tetris blocks falling and smaller puzzle screens showing a game of Puyo Puyo. The screen is covered in colours and blocks falling, as well as numbers popping up.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris combines two puzzle classics into one. While everyone knows what Tetris is, some may not know the brilliance of Puyo Puyo’s blob matching, spinning, and popping.

These two gameplay styles combine into five different game modes that you can play with friends, making it a great puzzle game and a great party. Plus, there’s a sequel, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, with even more features in it too.

One of the many Tetris games, Classic Blocks, a simple, greyscale Tetris. There are three screens mid-game, with blocks falling into the grid, various scores and menu options, and touch controls at the bottom.

Classic Blocks – mobile

Classic Blocks is a gorgeously stylized Tetris game, with a greyscale color palette that looks like you’re playing on an old Game Boy.

It has a handful of nifty features to make it more usable, as well, like being able to keep your music playing, challenge your friends, and change the visual style and the controls. The choice is king, and Classic Blocks proves it in style.

One of the many Tetris games, Tetris Effect: Connected, showing a game of Tetris with orange tetrominoes, a burst of orange pattern behind the game grid, and various yellowish sparks flying around in a circle.

Tetris Effect: Connected – Switch

Tetris Effect might be the greatest Tetris game ever made. Developed by Monstars and Resonair, the game features classic Tetris gameplay alongside music and visuals matched to the gameplay speed.

It’s a sensory dream, and can really suck you into a different universe. While it was originally in VR, Tetris Effect: Connected – which added multiplayer options, among other things – is on all platforms and a must-play for any Tetris fan (check out our Tetris Effect: Connected review if you need even more convincing).

One of the many Tetris games, Tetris for mobile. Three screens are in the image, two showing mid-game action, with colourful blocks falling into a grid, one showing a daily rewards screen.

Tetris – mobile

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so just go play Tetris. The original, the OG, the classic, the godfather, the daddy. Well, actually, this game may be the official one, but it features a huge number of modern improvements to make the experience better.

It even has a Tetris 99 mode, so you can use your data to be the last tetromino-tapper standing. It’s free, too, which makes everything even better.

One of the many Tetris games, Tricky Towers, mid-game, showing two towers built from tetrominoes of various colours.

Tricky Towers – Switch

Tricky Towers asks a vital question – what if Tetris, but with physics? If that sounds ridiculous to you, then you’re in luck, as Tricky Towers is one of the meanest, most hilarious, and most downright fun Tetris party games out there.

Sure, it runs dry pretty quickly in solo play, but in couch co-op, it can be pure mayhem. Not only can blocks fall off in the wind, but you can use your wizard avatar to get power-ups or send pranks to your opponent. There’s also more than enough variety for a big party, making it a no-brainer.

One of the many Tetris games, Falling Lightblocks, a black and grey minimalist version of Tetris.

Falling Lightblocks – mobile

Falling Lightblocks is another low-key, minimalistic take on Tetris – one which you can play on your phone, in a web browser, or even on your TV.

There are a handful of different game modes too, from a chill mode where you just hang out to a survival mode where the challenge ramps up. It’s easy to use and get hold of, looks good throughout, and overall just has top-notch vibes.

One of the many Tetris games, Lumines (not really a Tetris game but kind of similar). In action it shows various blocks falling along a grid, with numbers at the top denoting the music. It is all very colourful.

Lumines Remastered – Switch

Ok, sorry, this isn’t Tetris. I know, I know. But still. Lumines is made by the same people who made Tetris Effect, and it might be even better. While the gameplay is sort of similar to Tetris at first sight, it has a much heftier focus on rhythm.

You can also find heaps of style, amazing music, and a brilliantly addictive main campaign, one that surprises at every turn. It may not be Tetris, but it’s easy to recommend if you like it.

One of the many Tetris games, Kubik, a 3D version of Tetris. Three screens are shown in the image, each showing a 3D tower being built out of Tetris blocks. The logo for Kubik is in the middle of the middle screen.

Kubik – mobile

Kubik is another inventive twist on Tetris, this time turning everything into a 3D tower. That gives you the challenge of having to rotate the tower to make sure you’re putting your blocks in the optimal place.

It has a gorgeous, colorful art style, loads of missions to clear, and pretty neat controls to keep your game going smoothly. It’s not the same as the classic, but it’s a nice way to change it up.

best tetris games Tetris 99: a multiplayer game in full swing

Tetris 99 – Switch

Maybe my favorite reinvention of Tetris, Tetris 99 takes the battle royale genre and combines it with block-matching mayhem. Playing against 98 other players may sound hectic, and it is, as everyone vies for victory, stalling other players with debuffs, and the screens of your enemies litter the sides of your wall of tetrominoes.

It’s quite hard to grasp without getting your hands on it (and you can do that for free if you have Nintendo Switch Online), but it’s a great, novel take nonetheless.

That’s all the Tetris games we’ve got today. For some free stuff elsewhere, check out our Mining Simulator 2 codes, Arena Champions codes, and Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes to keep your wallet stacked.