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Riot collaborates with Steve Aoki for TFT Remix Rumble update

The iconic music producer soundtracked the Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble cinematic trailer featuring a huge party full of League champions.

TFT Remix Rumble: Scratch the squirrel champion in neon lighting, winking at the camera and looking like a generally very cool DJ

Riot is shaking things up in its auto-battler with the massive TFT Remix Rumble update, which centers around a musical meta. To build the hype, the developer has released a brand-new cinematic trailer featuring iconic League of Legends music acts and dynamic soundtracking from Steve Aoki.

Music is essential to this TFT update as your actions in-game directly affect the soundtrack in real-time. Steve Aoki is of course known for his incredible work as a music producer, but according to Riot, he was also heavily involved in designing this update’s cosmetics, as well as a line of merch for his clothing and lifestyle brand, Dim Mak.

In this update, you can recruit champions from a range of genres from country to disco, and form an incredible synergistic supergroup, or simply pick your favorites from our TFT tier list regardless of their music style to create a genre-bending masterpiece. Why not try out Scratch the Little Legend, a serious-looking squirrel slash DJ perfectly suited to the Remix Rumble?

When is the TFT Remix Rumble release date?

Remix Rumble launches on November 21, 2023 for free on mobile and PC. Build yourself a playlist of iconic League of Legends songs and settle in for the concert of a lifetime.

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That’s everything we have on the TFT Remix Rumble update. If you’re jumping back into the Convergence for the first time in a while, make sure you check out our TFT items guide to brush up on your knowledge. We also have a whole guide dedicated to the best League of Legends games on Switch and mobile.