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The Witcher: Monster Slayer update introduces new beasts and challenges

iOS and Android players can look forward to new weekly challenges, beasts, and tasks as part of the incoming The Witcher: Monster Slayer update

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Those of you walking the path know that a Witcher’s work is never done, and that couldn’t be more true with additions coming to The Witcher: Monster Slayer as part of a new update today. The location-based game is getting a host of new content, including beasts, tasks, characters, and weekly challenges.

No game set in the fantasy universe is complete without a range of monsters to slay – I guess that’s where the name Monster Slayer comes from. As such, The Witcher: Monster Slayer update introduces many new foes for you to face. Of course, that means there are various assignments to complete that involve you taking the fight to new and old monsters alike, including Grave Hags, Cyclops’, Alghouls, Alps, Carnage Nekkers, Relicts, and many more.

Naturally, some challenges are more difficult than others, meaning that tasks are available that test your abilities regardless of what level you’re at. Fortunately, developer Spokko plans to churn these out weekly – what use is a Witcher if there are no beasts to slay. You’re rewarded for your troubles, though. It’s not like you’re risking your life for free. That would be foolish.

Shortly after the game’s launch, we caught up with Spokko to discuss what’s next for Witchers everywhere. Check out our The Witcher: Monster Slayer interview to get a peek at what’s still to come.

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When does The Witcher: Monster Slayer update release?

The Witcher: Monster Slayer update goes live today, so get your silver sword at the ready, make some potions, and take down some beasts.

If you’re yet to dive into this fantasy location-based title, perhaps you should check out our The Witcher: Monster Slayer review to see why we consider it to be “a fun beast slaying experience that new and old fans of The Witcher will enjoy.”

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