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Beloved ‘00s kids show gets a videogame adaptation

otally Spies! Is making the leap to Nintendo Switch with the new game Totally Spies! - Cyber Mission due to release later this year.

Totally Spies! - Cyber Mission release date: Sam, Clover, and Alex swinging into action with a screenshot of a room behind them

Not only do we know the game is coming, but we already have a Totally Spies – Cyber Mission release date, and honestly, that fills me with joy. I grew up watching the French animated spy-fi series, so having the opportunity to join Clover, Alex, and Sam on one of their adventures is an absolute treat.

Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission features a whole new story that takes place during season seven of the show, which recently debuted in France on May 12. The show’s original run, seasons one to five, spans from 2002 to 2007, with a movie releasing in France in 2009 and season six airing between 2013 and 2014. The show follows three teenagers from Beverly Hills, Clover, Sam, and Alex, and, as you can probably guess, they’re spies, meaning they go on rad missions while using impressive gadgets and gear. With all the Cartoon Network games out there, this adaptation feels overdue.

The show is charming and hilarious in all the right ways, holding a place in the hearts of many ‘90s and ‘00s kids, and luckily, it looks like the game offers the same shenanigans. In Cyber Mission, you get to explore Singapore, wandering the streets as you discover new locations. Naturally, being a spy means you need to do things incognito from time to time, but that’s what the abundance of gadgets is for.

Puzzles also feature quite prominently, as you might expect with a spy game, it’s not just about looking badass in a fight, you need to your brain, too. Fortunately, Cyber Mission allows multiplayer, so you and two other pals can team up – three heads are better than one, after all.

Totally Spies! - Cyber Mission: Sam, Clover, and Alex looking across a river at Singapore

What is the Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission release date?

Totally Spies! – Cyber Mission is due to release on October 31, 2024. However, only the digital version releases simultaneously on that date. If you’re in the US, you have to wait a bit longer to pick up a physical version, though Microids has yet to give a date for that release. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with when you can add the physical to your totally awesome collection.

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