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How to join, leave, and create a Tower of Fantasy crew

Hotta Studio’s MMORPG has many different elements to keep track of, and Tower of Fantasy crews are no different, so be sure to use our guide if you’re confused

Art for Tower of Fantasy showing various characters. Close up on the right is a blonde woman with a white, red and black jumpsuit on and long wavy blonde hair. On the right you can see the head of a character with blonde hair in loops almost like a spring, and in the back is a man with red hair and a black outfit weilding what looks like a giant black scythe with a red blade.

Tower of Fantasy is an expansive open-world RPG, but it’s no solitary adventure like The Witcher or Breath of the Wild. It’s also an MMO, with Tower of Fantasy co-op being a major part of the game’s appeal. Crews offer another social aspect on top of that, as they allow you to join with other players to get crew benefits.

Similar to guilds in other MMORPGS, Tower of Fantasy crews offer different bonuses, from weekly goodies to a handy support system. However, all of this isn’t for free, as every crew has an honour level, and unless the crew members maintain that honour level, the crew might end up disbanding. You can join a pre-existing crew and contribute to helping it grow, or just create your own with 500 Dark Crystals.

So, read on to find out all the details you need about Tower of Fantasy crews. For some more help in-game, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list, Tower of Fantasy characters, and Tower of Fantasy map guides.

Tower of Fantasy crew guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy crews.

A character from Tower of Fantasy stood on snow amongst some trees, with the menu open in the top right.

How do you join a Tower of Fantasy crew?

Before you can join a Tower of Fantasy crew, you need to be level 16. Once there, just follow these steps:

  • Open the menu
  • Head to the Crew page
  • Choose the crew you want to join
  • Press the request button
  • Alternatively, press ‘apply to all’ to request for all crews on the list

How do you leave a Tower of Fantasy crew?

To leave a Tower of Fantasy crew, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Crew page
  • Head to the ‘crewmates’ tab
  • Hit ‘Quit Crew’

The crew menu in Tower of Fantasy showing various options relating to the crew. The menu options read: "Crew 2100 O 220 O Necron LA ME Commander Fund Crewmates LV Husky 600 35/150 2050 12000 Crew Mission Wormhole Crew Honor Points This Week Reset every Monday at 05:00 24000 Password Chest Rankings Log Store BADGE IDENTITY Motto Notice ask for discord in crew chat [ Play Wormhole once Accept EM E Open 15 password chests with chips Accept •48000 72000 96000 120000 You can only complete 4 Crew missions every week Joint Operation Donation DON JONATIO POWER COURAGE BOXE Play Joint Operation- once Make 5 crew donations Accept Accept Information Crewmates Lobby Daily"

How do you create a Tower of Fantasy crew?

To create a Tower of Fantasy crew, you need 500 Dark Crystals. If you’ve got that and are happy to spend it, just follow these steps:

  • Open the menu
  • Head to the Crew page
  • Press the create button
  • Customise your crew
  • Press create

The crew store menu in Tower of Fantasy, with a female character in blue dungarees with long blonde hair to the side of it. Menu options read: "Crystal Dust Store Weapon Store Matrix Store Crew Store Support Store Points Store 16. L Potent Omnium crystal 500 Jetpack shard 300 Falcon combat suit Crew Store level reaches 2 000 Cybernetic Arm shard 300 Falcon belt Crew Store level reaches 2 1000 Falcon gloves Crew Store level reaches 2 1000 Time of Reset: 11 Potent Omnium crystal An Omnium crystal produced by Hykros. Used exclusively for suppressors. Owned: 12 1 O List of Items Lava Bomb shard 300 Falcon combat helmet Crew Store level reaches 2 1000 Falcon wristbands Crew Store level reaches 2 1000 Purchase Item Unlimited Total Price 500 Purchase"

What is the Tower of Fantasy crew store?

The crew store is a place where you can spend crew points on specific items. You gain crew points by completing crew challenges, and the range of items available in the store grows as you help level up your crew via donations.

The crew rewards menu from Tower of Fantasy, showing different details about bonuses from being part of a crew. Character art of a woman in a robotic suit is on the right hand side. The left reads: "Crew ? 2100 O 220 O Donate Rewards are calculated every Monday at 05:00. Rewards Crew Rewards 391 RECE © Class 1 Treasury Level 4) Basic Reward Crewmate 1 100 Available Next Week Obtain random prizes when claiming rewards. Information Crewmates Lobby Daily"

What bonuses can you get from your Tower of Fantasy crew?

There are three main benefits to joining a Tower of Fantasy crew:

  • Free rewards every week depending on crew level
  • Access to the crew store
  • Frontier clash damage buff

Of course, it also gives you new goals to complete with your crew to help level it up, and offers a social community where you can ask for assistance with items, bosses, missions, and more. If you’re struggling for things to do, join a crew!

That’s all we’ve got for Tower of Fantasy crews. For more, check out our Tower of Fantasy Nemesis, Tower of Fantasy Crow, and Tower of Fantasy Shiro guides.