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Rei joins the fray in Tower of Fantasy’s Evangelion collaboration

The next stage of Tower of Fantasy's Evangelion collaboration is upon us as mysterious pilot Rei Ayanami prepares to arrive on Aida.

Tower of Fantasy Evangelion: Rei's simulacrum outlined in white and pasted on a screenshot of EVA-00 from the game

Tower of Fantasy’s Evangelion crossover continues this month as Rei Ayanami, the exclusive pilot of EVA-00, arrives on Aida. This update lets you use mechs in battle, get a penguin as a pet, and explore an anti-gravity map as Level Infinite’s MMORPG collides with this classic anime franchise.

The Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion collaboration launched on March 12, bringing the complex characters and awesome robots from the hit series to Hotta Studio and Level Infinite’s cross-platform game. Asuka Shikinami Langley already joined the playable cast of Tower of Fantasy characters alongside the adorable Pen Pen as her partner. He’s a penguin. An adorable, helpful penguin that helps in combat and follows you around. Amazing.

Rei is set to join her penguin-having pal Asuka on March 28, and you can take part in a web event right now to recruit her. She’s a Frost-Volt simulacrum and wields her tailor-made weapon ‘Salvation’ in battle, which is a prototype bow made by the Mirroria Department of Science and Technology just for Rei.

Let’s look at the story involved here – a rift appears when Angels invade the world. But don’t worry – three characters in control of Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapons are here to help you out. Take on these other-worldly beings in a fierce battle and make use of the crossover characters, along with piloting the resurrected mecha from Tower of Fantasy.

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There’s also a new vehicle type – Soul Plugs – which let you zoom around different terrain and tackle any journey, a skill that’s sure to help in your quest to save Mirroria.

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