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Tower of Fantasy vehicles

Brave the terrain and chart the land with the help of our guide to all Tower of Fantasy vehicles, how to unlock them, and how ToF vehicle maintenance works

ToF vehicles - Shiro riding Falcon through the air

With a big ol’ world like Aesperia to explore, it’s a good thing that we have access to a variety of Tower of Fantasy vehicles. These wonderful mounts speed up your exploration, help you zip from one location to the next, and make you look super cool doing (the latter being the most important, of course). There are currently eight vehicles to unlock, each with their own requirements.

So, in this Tower of Fantasy vehicles guide, we list every one that you can unlock, from your basic glowing motorbike, all the way up to a baby pink, robotic emu (or ostrich. Ugh, semantics). We also go over each of their unlock conditions, the locations of their parts, and take a look at ToF vehicles maintenance so you can keep those beauties humming. With our help, charting this fresh, exciting world will be a breeze.

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How do Tower of Fantasy vehicles work?

After unlocking a vehicle, you can cycle through and choose which one you want to use by heading to the ESC menu and going to the Vehicle page. Then you simply tap on the vehicle and hit activate. When out in the world, you can summon your vehicle at any time by tapping the assigned button, and you can drive around and jump by using the same buttons you would if you were on foot. You can still collect items on the floor while riding your vehicle, but dashing or attacking has you instantly dismount.

Each vehicle has its own Maintenance Missions which refresh automatically on a daily basis, up until your vehicle’s Maintenance level surpasses your Wanderer level. The higher the vehicle’s maintenance level, the higher its popularity. Reaching certain vehicle maintenance levels also unlocks paints, which you can use to change the colour of your vehicle through the modification feature.

Vehicle maintenance requires maintenance materials. You can obtain these through purchases at the sundry merchant, purchases at the commissary, enemy drops, and password chests.

How do I unlock all the ToF vehicles?

There are multiple Tower of Fantasy vehicles to unlock, some by reaching certain milestones in the game, and others by snagging and assembling specific materials. Massive shout out to Game8 and the hard-working fans that have already located many of the parts required to assemble the vehicles. There are still a few parts we don’t know the locations of, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we find out.

ToF Falcon

Unlock conditions: Obtainable through main story quest line, during your first visit to Hykros

ToF 2613

Unlock conditions: originally a Chinese version exclusive, Hotta has now released 2613 as a pre-registration reward. If you pre-registered for Tower of Fantasy, you can claim it from the rewards page

ToF Mechbird

Unlock conditions: obtain through the Road Strife Global Launch Special Rewards Event, during week four of the launch celebrations. Check out the official Tower of Fantasy rewards overview page to find out more.

ToF Dust Wheeler

Unlock conditions: reach Grand Marshal rank in the PVP game mode Apex League. You receive it at the end of the season after reaching the rank

ToF Chaser

Unlock conditions: obtain and assemble both Chaser parts. They are:

  • Magnetic Rod: found near the top of the Rust Corridor, near coordinates (-830, 472)
  • Maglev Stalker: rare drop from the Vermin Brothers

ToF vehicles - Cobalt B talking about the Falcon

ToF Omnium Beast VII

Unlock conditions: obtain and assemble all three Omnium Beast VII parts. They are:

  • Omnium Beast’s Right Arm: rare drop from Behemoths Surtur, Bergelmir, Farbauti, Mimir, and Utgarda
  • Omnium Beast VII’s Left Arm: head to the warehouse near coordinates (90, 965), and release the barrier using password 1647. You can find the part inside
  • Omnium Beast Cockpit: location not yet known

ToF Monocross

Unlock conditions: you need to collect and assemble all four Monocross parts in order to unlock this vehicle. They are:

  • Unicorn Power Core: location not yet known
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame: head to the facility at coordinates (660, -1235), and enter password 7092. You can find the Unicorn Bionic Frame at the end
  • Unicorn Cymberlimbs: from a chest near coordinates (925, -410)
  • Unicorn Independent Head: rare drop from bosses Devotee Eber and Devotee Noah

ToF Voyager

Unlock conditions: you need to collect and assemble all four Voyager parts in order to unlock this vehicle. They are:

  • Voyager Thruster: dropper by enemies Okka, Hethlu, Smoli, and Sendrys
  • Voyager Control Station: head to the warehouse near (510, 765) and use the password 3594 to get inside
  • Voyager Engine: location not yet known
  • Voyager Hull: location not yet known

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy vehicle guide. If you’re feeling the need for speed and zooming around Aesperia isn’t quite doing it for you, check out our picks for the best racing games on mobile.