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Tower of Fantasy wallpaper

Bring a bit of Aesperia with you wherever you our, with our top picks for the best Tower of Fantasy wallpapers, from Nemesis to the wide landscapes of Astra

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper showing Nemesis and Frigg in a dystopic land

If you just can’t get enough of Aesperia, Tower of Fantasy wallpapers are the perfect way to bring a bit of futuristic fun to your everyday life. Whether you want Banges as your background, Frigg on your phone, or Pepper on your PC, there’s plenty of awesome art to help spice up your digital space.

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Tower of Fantasy wallpapers

There’s a heap of stunning artwork depicting a variety of characters and settings from Hotta’s hit open-world MMORPG, and we’ve gathered all our favourites here. With options for both desktop and mobile, you’re bound to find something that suits your style. If you see something you like, just tap on the image and either hit right click, then ‘save as’, or tap and hold to download it on your phone.

Tower of Fantasy desktop wallpaper

Tower of Fantasy Nemesis laying back with a butterfly on her stomach

It’s hard not to feel for Nemesis and her plight in this picture, as she reclines with a beautiful butterfly made of light on her stomach.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper of Shirli and Nemesis reaching out for each other

This stunning painting shows Shrili and Nemesis reaching out to each other, showing the two sides of our sweet heroine.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper showing the Angels of Clemency

The Angels of Clemency sure are awesome, right? You can feel the attitude coming off them in waves. Just don’t cross their path!

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper showing Shirli, King, Tsubasa, Shiro, and Mi-a

Welcome to Astra! We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay with this gorgeous, sun-soaked setting, surrounded by Shirli, Mia, Tsubasa, King, and Shiro.

Tower of Fantasy characters on the beach

Keep those summer vibes going long into the darker months with this gorgeous beach scene. We can practically smell the sand, sea, and sun.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper showing Zeke and Shirli sitting together

It’s really heartwarming just how much Zeke loves his sister Shirli. This stunning painting gives the two a piece of serenity, as they spend some quality time beneath a gorgeous blue sky.

Tower of Fantasy mobile wallpaper

Tower of Fantasy mobile wallpaper showing a wanderer walking along the ferris wheel on Cetus Island

Bring the fun of Navia Bay’s Cetus Island everywhere you go, with this adorable sunset adventure atop the giant ferris wheel.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa and Shirli looking out over Astra

Tsubasa and Shirli are beyond adorable, and it’s great to see them admiring the stunning view of Astra and beyond in this gorgeous pic.

Tower of Fantasy mobile wallpaper showing a wanderer flying on a jetpack with Tata in his hands

Tata is just the cutest little thing, we can’t blame the wanderer for taking him on a jetpack ride in the sky.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper showing Nemesis laying back with her cat mascot

Nemesis looks super cool in this one, doesn’t she? Bathed in the dim glow of the monitors around her, she’s as deadly as she is stunning.

Tower of Fantasy mobile wallpaper showing a girl sat on the Falcon bike

Wanna race through the streets of Vera? This gal’s ready to hop on her Falcon and go, any time, any place.

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy wallpapers. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, we’ve also got a list of the best Genshin Impact wallpapers for your perusal.