Tower of God: New World tier list and reroll guide

Our Tower of God: New World tier list is here to help you on your journey up the tower and towards victory in this webtoon-inspired mobile game from Netmarble.

Tower of God New World tier list showing a character with scruffy brown hair holding a weapon in his hand and wearing a scarf.

We’ve put together a Tower of God: New World tier list for one very good reason: you’re going to need the best team available as you make your climb up the tower. With lots of characters to choose from and stories to explore, it can be tough to know who to choose – so we’re here to sort that.

Luckily, progress carries across all characters, so you can be sure that switching things up won’t turn the game into a maddening grind. Once you’ve built out the team you need, we’ve got even more help elsewhere. There are Coin Master free spins if you need some goodies in the land of the pig, or go grab Grand Piece Online codes, Arm Wrestle Simulator codes, and Grimace Shake codes if you’re a Roblox lover.

Tower of God: New World tier list

Here are our picks for the best characters in Tower of God: New World. Of course, this is all subjective and based on our own play experience. We’ll keep on top of everything as the game’s meta expands, so bookmark this page and come back here if you’re ever struggling to progress.

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Rank Tower of God: New World character
S Anaak Zahard, Evan Edroch, Evankhell, Rak
A Shibisu, Cheonhwa Hong, Ha Yuri, Karaka, Lero Ro, Narae Seonwoo, Rachel, Bam, Wangnan Ja
B Arkraptor, Data Khun Mascheny Zahard, Data Zahard, Endorsi, Gyetang, Horyang Kang, Hwaryun, Khun Aguero, Khun Mascheny Zahard, Lozeal, Prince
C Mule Love, Phonsekai Laure, Han-sung Yu, Hatz, Viole, Kurdan, Michael, Miseng Yeo, Quaetro
D   Edin Dan, Amigocharz, Blarode, Ghost, Lurker Kim, Quant

How do I perform a Tower of God: New World reroll?

To perform a Tower of God: New World reroll, you have to make sure you don’t link an account right at the start, which lets you re-pick your starting squad as many times as you want. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Boot up Tower of God: New World on your phone
  • Start the game as a guest
  • Head to the summon screen and get started
  • Choose the five best characters from our tier list that you want most
  • Summon away, or restart these steps if you don’t get who you want.

There you have it, our Tower of God: New World tier list and reroll guide, perfectly put together to help you through the game. For more, we’ve got the best portable gaming consoles so you can pick up some new hardware, or our iPhone vs. Android head-to-head if you want to find your side of the fence.