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Level Infinite releases new trailer for upcoming mobile game Undawn

The new mobile game from Level Infinite and LightSpeed Studios, Undawn, is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival experience also coming to PC

Undawn teaser art showing various characters of different not-to-scale sizes in a misty skyline. At the top is a red haired woman holding a sniper scope to her eye and aiming off to the left. Next to her is a long brow-haired woman looking away and slightly over her shoulder, back to us. In the middle is a man in motion, gun in left hand, hood over his head, backpack on. Below him is a man with large curly hair, headband, and jacket, and lastly next to him is a man in a cowboy hat pointing and firing an assault rifle off to the left.

Level Infinite and LightSpeed Studios have released a new trailer mobile game Undawn. The game is a free-to-play post-apocalyptic open-world survival title combining PvP and PvE in battles against the undead hordes that roam the land.

This leads to a dual threat the player has to face – not just undead monsters, but also other humans. In classic zombie game fashion, it’s already got us asking the question, “maybe humans are the real monsters after all?”

Built using the Unreal Engine, Undawn has a wide variety of locales, with plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities. There’s also weather to deal with, as rain, heat, snow, and storms make survival all the harder. Plus there’s base building, alliances, and various weapons and armour to keep you busy. Sounds like a lot.

You can check out the Undawn trailer below, celebrating the beginning of the final development phase with a Closed Beta test being run in selected countries outside Western Europe. A release date and further information will follow soon.

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