A Vampire Survivors x Among Us crossover wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card

The impostors are on the loose in a new universe, this time trying to survive waves and waves of vampiric creatures and hellish beasts.

Vampire Survivors x Among Us: an Among Us crewmate on top of a Vampire Survivors battle field

Sound the alarm, there’s another update incoming – and this time, it’s an Among Us-themed Vampire Survivors DLC. No, we didn’t expect this either, but we’re sure to have a great time with it.

Vampire Survivors, in its self-proclaimed quest to “add anything but vampires” to the game, announces that the Emergency Meeting DLC will come to the game soon. It releases on PC and Xbox on December 18, but for those of us playing on Switch, we need to wait a little longer. It costs a meager $2.49/£1.99 for this full-size DLC.

Obviously, the Emergency Meeting expansion lets you run around as a classic Among Us-shaped character, and brings a new map set on the Polus Replica, based on the map in Among Us. There are nine new characters in total, 15 Vampire Survivors weapons, and six songs to play along to.

There’s also the 1.8 update going live today (again, sadly Switch and mobile players need to wait a while for this), which adds some side quests and lore bombs.

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Among Us recently gave a hint as to their future escapades by collaborating with other indie games, and bringing plenty of themed costumes to the game – though no one knew Vampire Survivers was getting involved, too. It seems both teams are pulling out all the stops and providing great experiences in their games.

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