The best Among Us toys and gifts in 2023

With our list of Among Us toys and merch, you can find the perfect present for the space-faring crew mate in your life, whether they're sus or not.

Custom image of one of the purple Among Us toys for Among Us toys guide

What’s better than playing a game of Among Us with your friends? How about purchasing Among Us toys to show everyone that you like it? There are loads of Among Us toys out there in the world, which means that you’re probably going to be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing which is the one for you. What you really want is someone to pick for you; that way you can save all of your decisions for games of Among Us.

And that’s why we’ve written this list of the very best Among Us toys you can grab from the internet right this second. Whether you’re buying for yourself, purchasing for a friend, or you just like looking at pictures of toys based on videogames – we don’t judge – you’ve definitely come to the right place. If you want more Among Us, check out our Among Us hats, Among Us maps, and Among Us imposter guides.

Here are the latest and greatest Among Us toys.

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Among Us keyrings

Keyrings are the classic grown-up toy. Life crushing you under its heel? Can’t find any joy in the grey drudgery of your existence? Imagine how much better things are going to be when you pull out your keys and see one of these neon-bright Among Us characters dangling off them?

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Among Us wristbands

Maybe you’re more into displaying your love for all things Among Us on your wrist? Nothing says “hey, I’m fun and quirky and enjoy a specific videogame” quite like adorning yourself with a circle of rubber. Which colour will you choose? How many friends will you make? So many questions. Well, two.

Among Us lights

Do you know what’s great? Light. Light is great. It lets us see what we’re doing, it bathes us in a warming glow, it probably does some other stuff like nourishing most forms of life on the planet. And now you can get light in the shape of an Among Us character, combining two of the greatest things in one illuminated package.

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Among Us stress reliever

As far as we can tell, this is basically infinite Among Us bubble wrap. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing we’d buy. And it relieves stress as well? That’s great because we spend most of our time screaming into the abyss.

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Among Us plushies

Hugs and cuddles but in the shape of Among Us characters? Well, that’d be brilliant. Not really a replacement for human contact, but beggars can’t be choosers. And you don’t find many purple humans, so that’s something. You could probably teach yourself to juggle with these Among Us toys as well.

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Among Us stickers

Oh now we’re talking. Stickers are brilliant because you can make non-Among Us things into Among Us things. In fact, if you buy enough stickers, you can make everything in the world an Among Us thing. Among Us cat? Among Us laptop? Among Us copy of Tolstoy’s sweeping epic War and Peace? Anything is possible with stickers. Anything.

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Among Us building blocks

Do kids still make set ups? If they do then they can make Among Us set ups with these. It’ll be like they’re playing the game but using their imagination at the same time. Not too much of their imagination though, because that might be dangerous.

Among Us official merch

Innersloth, the developer of Among Us, sells a bunch of exclusive and super cool merch from its own store. There are Among Us toys, clothes, posters, and loads more. There’s even a cool section featuring fan artists. Buy someone you love an official Among Us mug today and cement that love for eons to come.

And that is all we have on Among Us toys. If you’re after something new to play, be sure to check out our picks for the best mobile puzzle games here