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We want to be invited in to play the Vampire Survivors directors cut

No we aren’t joking, a Vampire Survivors director’s cut exists, and one lucky person got to play it - and give us all a sneak peek.

Vampire Survivors Director's cut: a classic vampire with clapperboards for eyes

So it appears that there is, in fact, a Vampire Survivors director’s cut, but it may not be getting a release in the future. However, there are plenty of Vampire Survivors DLC out if you’re clamoring for more content, by the way.

At a recent event to showcase the game’s upcoming co-op mode, author Laura Kate Dale (@LauraKBuzz on Twitter) got the chance to see this cut in real life and describes it as “drastically different” from the currently available base game.

Laura tweeted a thread of tidbits about the cut, which includes “wild” new characters, stages, weapons, weapons evolutions, and more – even more content than their most substantial DLCs.

What’s included then? I hear you ask. Well, allegedly, there are ten new characters ranging from a biblically accurate angel egg, to a giant skeleton, to the red man himself – Santa. There are others to unlock on top of the ones Laura shows in screenshots.

The stages include The Coop, a free-range field where three hundred chickens can roam, Spazie?, a level in space, and a pleasant snowy level named Whiteout. Vampire snow-vivors here we come.

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As for if we ever get to play this cut, Laura heard that this is content that “may or may not one day release”. We’re hopeful, but keeping our expectations realistic, though there is talk of a potential 2023 release date.

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