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Vampire Survivors DLC

There’s some Vampire Survivors DLC on the way, and here’s what you need to know about it, including platforms and the release date

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Vampire Survivors is a 2022 surprise hit after the game released in November to critical acclaim, so it’s no surprise that many live in the hope of some additional content for the minimalist survival RPG. Well, we have some good news, as there’s some Vampire Survivors DLC on the way for multiple platforms.

After making an appearance at The Game Awards 2022, the hit title landed on mobile, and you can check out our Vampire Survivors mobile review to see if the chaos and carnage holds up on the small screen.

Anyway, here’s what we know about the Vampire Survivors DLC.

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What platforms is the Vampire Survivors DLC on?

Unfortunately, for all you mobile players out there, the Vampire Survivors DLC, dubbed Legacy of the Moonspell, isn’t coming out on the small screen just yet, but it’s on the way for Xbox and PC players.

What is the Vampire Survivors DLC release date?

The Vampire Survivors DLC releases on Xbox and PC on December 15, 2022. Should it come to mobile, we’ll update this guide with all of the relevant information.

How much is the Vampire Survivors DLC?

Legacy of the Moonspell only costs $1.99, an absolute bargain for some additional content.

There you have it, everything we know about the Vampire Survivors DLC. To face monsters of a different kind, check out our picks for the best zombie games on Switch and mobile. Or, for terrifying toys, read our Poppy Playtime characters and FNAF characters guides.