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Vampire Survivors goes retro with a Final Fantasy VII inspired trailer

Poncle release a fancy trailer in homage to Final Fantasy VII RTebirth, alongside a totally unrelated update for Vampire Survivors.

A screenshot from the Vampire Survivors Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer showing a man fighting a monster

Vampire Survivors is the gift that keeps on giving, as the team now reveals a frame-by-frame recreation of the original Final Fantasy VII trailer – and also brings an update to the game with stages, characters, weapons, and much more.

While we wait for a potential Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Switch version, the game has our team by the throat and we’re all very excited to dive in. By the sounds of things, so is the team at Poncle. The studio released a recreation of the original Final Fantasy VII trailer, originally released in 1997, but with everything in it now Vampire Survivors-y.

The trailer is the same length, remade shot for shot with vampiric themes and survival items. According to the team, they made it because “we had the original trailer on a PlayStation demo disk and watched it on loop, so now it’s scored into our brains. Plus, the team is extremely hyped for Rebirth. What better way to celebrate than with a trailer of our own?”. Quite.

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But that’s not all. There’s also a big game update out, which adds tons of new content. The Space54 update brings two characters – Space Dude and Bat Robbert – to the game, which we can try out with four newly added weapons, and on a fresh stage.

The Space54 update is out today on Nintendo Switch and mobile for free. It’s also a tribute of sorts, as it celebrates the Phaser framework that was originally the engine used for Vampire Survivors.

To find out more about relics, achievements, and more in the update, you can read the full spoiler-filled patch notes here. We’ve also got a list of all the Vampire Survivors weapons and Vampire Survivors characters if you want to refresh your garlic-addled memory.