Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch release date speculation

One thing we all want is a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch release date - but how likely is it and what do we know so far, let’s take a look.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch release: a character looking angrily at the camera

Will we get a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch release? That’s what’s keeping us awake at night. With so many Final Fantasy titles on the console already, it makes sense that we should get a version on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what we know so far.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch release date speculation

Unfortunately, Square Enix is yet to confirm a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch version. Part one of the remake is available on other platforms, so it isn’t completely out of the question, but an announcement would be a total shock if it were to come any time soon.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is true to the original in some ways but does add quite a lot to the story aspects and deviate in certain aspects. Also, it’s going to release in three parts, with only the first available as of writing. It may be that if we see a version on Switch, it’ll include the full package.

That said, Crisis Core did come to Nintendo Switch – you can check out our Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Switch review here if you’re interested – so further remakes in the future could very well happen.

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When did Final Fantasy 7 Remake release?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake got its release in 2020 across most major platforms (not including the Switch) and then came to PlayStation 5 a year later. The second part – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – does not currently have a release date, however.

That’s all we know about the Final Fantasy 7 remake Switch release – hopefully, we get some good news soon! For now, check out some of the best Final Fantasy games on Switch, and who we think are the best Final Fantasy characters. You can also head over to The Loadout to learn more about the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release date.