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Shall we Lance in Waven’s new season

Waven’s Season of Lance Dur introduces new characters, story chapters, rewards, challenges, and a PvE game mode to the tactical mobile RPG.

A huge purple knight lurking over the heroes in the Waven Season of Lance Dur

Things are about to get competitive for PvE players as Waven’s Season of Lance Dur introduces a new game mode. Each day, you get a ticket to the time portal on the competitive island; this allows you to join Count Lance Dur, the legend of the Krosmoz, as he faces off against the Cire Momore.

One look at our Waven preview shows that the game features an abundance of spells and gear. Well, that number increases with Lance Dur, as he offers some unique spells, attacks, and passive abilities. Who knows, Lance might sweep us off our feet and land Waven in our best mobile games list.

For taking the plunge and joining Lance on his journey, you’re in with a chance of winning some great prizes. If you rank in the top 100, you receive chests, wakfu fragments, and gems. Not to worry if you miss out on such a rank, as all participants get 500 wakfu fragments, so you can still buy Albuera chests to add rings, spells, companions, and more to your deck.

As exciting as this new season sounds, that’s not all that’s new in Waven. The battle pass system has undergone some changes to introduce a new progression mechanic. Each week, you can earn up to 50 stars, and the more you get, the closer you get to unlock rewards that include Lance’s various companions. You might even be able to take the fight to Cire Momore numerous times, thanks to the extra tickets on offer.

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The first chapter of Lance Dur’s story is already here, but you can expect to enjoy a further two chapters over the next couple of months, with the Count’s story due to end in mid-January. And yes, each new installment has its own fights, rewards, and challenges.

Not to worry if Waven isn’t the game for you. We understand that it’s spooky season, so you might want to spend time with those who go bump in the night with our list of the best horror games on Switch and mobile.