Wordscapes answers today February 2024

In case you get stuck, here are today’s Wordscapes answers to help you solve the word-guessing puzzle’s daily iterations.

Wordscapes answers: the wordscapes logo on a purple background

Below are today’s Wordscapes answers that you can enter into the game and complete the puzzle, as sometimes these puzzles can be a bit of a headscratcher, even if everyone loves a little puzzle break with lunch, or to get your brain going first thing in the morning, like Wordscape’s fun word guessing levels.

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Here are today’s Wordscapes answers – February 21

  • EVIL
  • HEEL
  • HIVE
  • LICE
  • LIVE
  • VICE
  • VILE
  • VEIL

There are no Wordscapes bonus words today.

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How do I play the daily Wordscapes puzzle?

Each day there is a new daily puzzle in Wordscapes with a few potential words, usually between ten and 20, along with some bonus words you can make for extra points, outside of filling in the boxes.

The daily puzzles aren’t available immediately – you must play up to level 12 and complete it before the function unlocks. Then, a new puzzle appears every day.

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